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June Free Printout!


 Click here to download: Snark-Modern-June

Modern June is officially 10 years old month!!

Even though I am no longer making handmade goodies, Modern June lives on through my artwork. I’ve taken on the challenge of creating art everyday this year. That’s 366 separate pieces of art (yes, it’s a leap year), be it drawing, painting or computer generated artwork. In honor of 10 great years of Modern June I’m going to post 5 free print outs this month! Tune in every Wednesday for a new print out.

Today’s art combines my hand lettered snarky commentary (day 66), mixed with a simple watercolor doodle that I did for practice (day 90). Combining the two digitally is my submission for day 152 and shows off my new skills.

I created the snarky card during a time when my two teenagers were driving me bonkers. It hasn’t been easy to go from working 50 hours a week alone in a studio to now being with them 24/7. If you can relate to this, print it out and post it up where snarkiness happens most. Then point to it when those snarky folks are overwhelming you. Hopefully the offending snark-master will get the point.

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