Kelly in the kitchen
Modern June, the Oilcloth Addict: Cool stuff for the hip housewife.

Modern June was founded in 2006 by Kelly McCants as creative outlet while homeschooling her two children. Little did she know that her creative outlet would grow into a thriving business specializing in handmade housewares, selling unique fabrics, and writing sewing books.

Kelly created product lines that she wanted to buy–easy to care for housewares and accessories for her own busy life. She combines her retro style with practical fabrics like oilcloth, laminated cotton, and chalk cloth to give every home a fun and welcoming feeling. She now takes those products for a brand new sewing pattern line.

The Modern June credo is “Pretty and practical products that are easy to prep and easy to clean, helping you spend more time with family and friends!”

Kelly McCants is the author of Sewing with Oilcloth (2010) and At Home with Modern June (April, 2014). She learned to sew at thirteen years old when her dad bought her first Sears sewing machine, and is now devoted to stitching and pattern making. Kelly also writes for her two blogs, modernjune.blogspot.com and oilclothaddict.blogspot.com. Check out Kelly’s second Etsy shop just for oilcloth, OilclothAddict.etsy.com.

Kelly McCants lives in Virginia in a lovely old home with her husband and her two teenagers. She loves all things kitsch and enjoys junkin’ when she can get away from the studio! Kelly is obsessed with Instagram where you can follow “The Modern June” and her visual tour though life. You can also follow Kelly on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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