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I love to make my home and studio pretty with a combination of modern and vintage finds.

CAMP declutter: Bookcase Styling

I can’t believe that we are 10 weeks into 2017, how can that be? I am very excited to share with you this week’s CAMP declutter project, it’s a big one! Last week, I started cleaning up the far left corner of my foyer that often becomes a dumping ground. After I put all my envelopes and mail supplies into the old yellow box, I got busy cleaning up the bookcases.     I spent a day or two purging books and rearranging them, they had been loosely organized by color, and now they are organized by subject matter. I’ve culled these shelves about 5 times in the last 12 months, each time I get rid of a little more. A year ago, I started sorting out all the homeschool books from years past. Unfortunately, I added other books and board games, keeping the shelves jammed full. Why were there so many books on the shelves? Like I said, I had to do that a few times, slowly getting rid or storing sentimental books. As …

Dreamy Living Room – Arhaus

I am in desperate need of a living room makeover and I’ve been thinking a lot about my design personality. My kids are 16 and 19, and our two cats don’t claw the furniture. I feel like I’ve reached a time in my life that I can get grown up furniture again. Seriously, the last time I bought a proper sofa was B. K. (before kids), in 1994. Once the kids completely destroyed my lovely department store sofa, we opted for 2 Ikea love seats that are totally falling apart. So when Arhaus asked me to put together a dream living mood board I was more than happy to do some virtual shopping. I’m obsessed with the Corso and Fulton (white) sofas! That exposed framing is to die for! I’ve been fascinated with Mid-Century Modern design forever. I love how the dark wood on Fulton sofa would fit in with the vintage pieces that we currently own. I think that the hubby would like the Corso in velvety blue goodness better, I bet that feels …

Spooky Sew Junie

Good afternoon from the #sewjunie camper!! It’s almost time for Halloween and Sew Junie is ready for chilly nights filled with tricks and treats. I wish I could have the kids get their candy from the camper, sadly, I don’t think the parents would like for their littles to go into my backyard. I’ll have to save the camper for my family and friends after the candy it all doled out. For now, let’s grab a cup of mulled apple cider and I’ll give you a tour of the camper! I hope you enjoyed my spooky little camper!! I can’t wait to decorate the camper for Christmas!! I’m working on a holiday fabric for Spoonflower that I’ll use to make up lots of pillows and such. I can’t wait to share it with you all. xoxox, Kelly