Author: Kelly McCants

N95 Mask Cover Tutorial

Want to help your local healthcare hero with N95 mask covers is a hurry? I’ve adapted the pattern my local hospital requested and streamlined the process. My step-by-step tutorial walks you through my assembly-line method. I was able to get 25 done in a day with the help of my family. I enlist my college-aged kids with clipping and turning. Click here for the PDF tutorial: N95 Mask Cover Tutorial Click here for the original pattern: Mask Production 2020 Click here for the surgical sheets that I used: Direct Textile Click here for an updated mask pattern piece: Updated Mask pattern

higgledy-piggledy garden wall

When I moved into our home nearly 19 years ago, I was eager to create a lush garden, but like most new homeowners with a single income and a 7-month-old baby, money was TIGHT! I quickly became queen of the free plants. I was happy to take in anyone’s unwanted plants as they thinned out their gardens. Irises, daylilies, hostas, and liriope/lily turf where widely available to me at what time. I had long been an avid Saturday morning PBS fan. This Old House and The Victory Garden taught me everything I knew about gardening. Of course, my friend Martha taught me a lot too. So I took my garden hose and arranged it in an attractive curve and laid out my first garden bed in my front yard. I took all that free liriope and divided it up into little chunks and used it to plant a sweeping border, separating the garden from the yard. Darn it, hindsight is 20/20. The liriope that I was given wasn’t the beautiful little plants that behave, nnnoooo, …

Make Art that Sells: May Assignment

This month’s assignment started off with roses; we were supposed to draw, illustrate, or paint roses. Really? Not a problem. My garden is filled with lovely roses. There are also roses filling up the alleys and my neighbor’s yards. Yes, I might have entered into a yard to photograph Michelle’s gorgeous pink roses without permission. She laughed when I told her that I broke in for artistic research purposes. After sketching many versions of a rose, I opted to alter the photo’s that I took of Michelle’s pink roses in Adobe Illustrator. After using live trace to turn them into vectors, I recolor vector images with the Recolor Artwork tool. I just learned how to use the Recolor tool, and I was excited to try it out. That tool is so fun and a bit of a rabbit hole. I could play with that feature all darn day!   The big assignment was to combine our roses and a quote from Gertrude Jekyll to create a journal cover. Lilla Rogers always give us a long …