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Camp Declutter: Sewing Supplies

I’ve been keeping up with my weekly #CAMPdeclutter projects where I make small areas tidier and more organized. I call it #cullandmakepretty. I’ve been lax in sharing. This month, I have been working on my kitchen drawers, they aren’t but so exciting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited every time I open up a drawer.


Yesterday I started reorganizing my studio. The pegboards in the room were bumming me out; they were just big blobs of clutter. Since I don’t sew for a living anymore, I don’t need all the trim out on display. So, I moved my pegboards into the storage closet that is beside the studio.

I plan to use the pegboards for general DIY projects, sewing items and small tools will soon be organized and easy to get too.

Now I just have to find a nice place for these suitcases. Aren’t they better than ugly Rubbermaid bins? These could look super cute stacked up in the corner of any room in the house.

More soon!


CAMP declutter: Bookcase Styling

I can’t believe that we are 10 weeks into 2017, how can that be? I am very excited to share with you this week’s CAMP declutter project, it’s a big one! Last week, I started cleaning up the far left corner of my foyer that often becomes a dumping ground. After I put all my envelopes and mail supplies into the old yellow box, I got busy cleaning up the bookcases.



Click here and here to see my shelves when they were messy!


I spent a day or two purging books and rearranging them, they had been loosely organized by color, and now they are organized by subject matter.

I’ve culled these shelves about 5 times in the last 12 months, each time I get rid of a little more. A year ago, I started sorting out all the homeschool books from years past. Unfortunately, I added other books and board games, keeping the shelves jammed full. Why were there so many books on the shelves?

Like I said, I had to do that a few times, slowly getting rid or storing sentimental books. As a homeschool mom, books become a part of my kid’s life. It’s like giving away their favorite t-shirt or something. It’s one of the ways I know my kids, a math 7 book can make me remember Aidan in a way that I might not otherwise remember him.


Check it out, I only need this small section of books for Aidan. Okay, I probably only need half of them. But, I feel better seeing the books, even if he does most of his work on the computer.

When I realized that these shelves don’t have to be filled with books, I started getting rid of MY out of date books. I packed up all my 1990’s Martha Stewart books and put them in the attic, and I got rid of every single cookbook that I’ve never used. I’m also donating about 30 Molly Makes to the Richmond Craft Mafia Craft Swap this weekend.  WOW, that was a huge, and hard to do. It’s always easier to get rid of things that aren’t yours, right?


I’m still unsure if those Molly Makes bring me joy! I’ll try very hard to donate them tomorrow. LOL!!

Let me be honest here, these aren’t my dream bookcases, but I guess that’s obvious. If it weren’t for all the stuff that came with homeschooling for 13 years, I would have a nice little MCM buffet here with a giant round mirror hanging on the wall reflecting light back into the living room. Oh, that sounds dreamy! I’ll have to start working on that.

But in the meantime, I’ll make do with my cheap and sagging bookcases from Staples. Which was easy once there were open spaces on the bookshelves and I was able to style them.


I started with adding baskets from around the house, like the catch-all basket that talked about a few weeks ago. My assortment of woven baskets add warmth and texture and had things that I just don’t want to see.

I sprinkled in some brushed brass and warm wood accents on the top shelves to spread that warm feel throughout.


I am totally in love with dark wooden birds that I got (50%off) at Target this week. The really reminded me of the Mid-Century Modern candlesticks that my Mother-in-law handed down to me forever ago.


Lastly, I added in two of my favorite collections, milk glass and some of my larger enamelware pieces. I dropped a few low-light houseplants into the pots, rather than planting them, this way the plants can drain when I water them, and I don’t have 2 large plants to care for on a high shelf.


The small plants in the milk glass are properly planted. I repotted some of them this week, it was nice to get dirt under my nails, I know that strange to say, but it makes me happy to get into some dirt.

I must say, this CAMP project was totally worth it. It feels fresh and springy, just what I needed. What have you done to improved



P.S. I’ve been keeping track of my decluttering costs. I’m not going to count the plants and accessories that I bought since they aren’t for storage. But, I’ll tell you that I spent $13.oo on the two wooden birds and $17 on plants.

  • CAMP declutter running total: $154.09

CAMP declutter: Catching Up

I haven’t forgotten my 2017 challenge, CAMP declutter, I’ve just fallen behind in showing my progress.

Week 6: Super Simple Tea Station


I tidied up this part of the kitchen counter twice in February. I replaced the chrome canisters with a few mismatched Bell Jars, which was nice, but not great. So I grabbed up 3 Fido Jars at the Crate and Barrel when I was in Arlington.


We don’t have a lot of counter space, so we just keep the tea out and ready. The kids and I drink tea a few times a day, so it get’s the honor countertop time. Don only drinks coffee (at home) on the weekends, so he has a coffee tray that lives on top of the fridge. I’ll trick out his coffee tray soon.

Week 7: Aidan’s Mess and a new chair


UG! I can’t tell you how happy that I’ve been since I cleaned up this messy spot right off the foyer. This is my youngest’s dumping and storage area, trust me when I tell you that this is actually on the “clean” side. (Teenage Boys)


Please don’t tell, but I hide 30 science magazines, and now all of Aidan’s stuff fits onto this MCM bar cart that my MIL handed down to us ages ago. I bought the baskets when the kids were toddlers, they’ve toys, socks, and shoes over the years. Two of them hold game controllers and RPG stuff and the third basket wrangles all the cat toys.

Much improved, right? (Sigh of relief!!)

Best of all, this was a no cost fix!

Week 8: Mail and a messy corner


Our foyer is a catch-all disaster half the time. I hope you get it, I hope I’m not alone.  We walk in the door, add something to the pile. Need to take something to the car, pile it up by the door. Don’t want to put something away in its proper home, no worries, just pile it up on the bookcase. So, when I saw this clever little yellow box at a vintage shop I knew that I would hide many

When I was shopping for my first CAMP declutter project, I was looking for an old box of some sort to work as bathroom storage. I totally fell in love with this yellow box with a sliding lid.  Sadly, the radiator in the bathroom is dinky, and it didn’t fit. No worries, I have all kinds of junk that need hiding. I just needed 2 months to get around to using it, so it sat empty on the rad. It happens.

Last week I finally got the box filled up mailing supplies. I took all the envelopes, stamps and address stickers that were in 3 different boxes. Three boxes, seriously? Anyway, packed up all the mismatched cards and envelopes and put them into a ziplock bag and donated them to Diversity Thrift. Then I used some old oilcloth scraps and bundled up thank you cards, small envelopes and address stickers. An ever handy mason jar holds the stamps.


Much better! How cute is that vintage napkin holder that my friends from Findings gave me – it’s the perfect place to hold greeting cards and coupons?


Tomorrow I’ll show you how cleaning up the top radiator lead to a massive bookcase binge.

  • Glass Jars $18.00
  • Yellow Box $20.00
  • CAMP declutter running total: $154.09