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Vintage Soda Floral Arrangement

The Brides Cafe soda crate with poppies

Photo Credit: The Bride’s Cafe/Ali Williamson

I saw this photo great photo on The Bride’s Cafe Instagram feed a few months ago and I’ve been wanting to use my vintage soda crate for a floral arrangement ever since.


I bought this crate last year at RVA Antiques and it came with a bunch of green soda bottles. I added in a few glass jars from my stash and bought a few small milk jugs from my local A.C. Moore. I didn’t fill every bottle slot, instead I picked a few at random since the flowers were going to fill up the space.


This weekend I bought a bunch of flowers from Amy’s Organic Garden  at the South of the James Farmers Market and went to work!


Once my soda crate was filled, I put is in the dining room next to my little gallery shutter. The shutter is currently filled with the watercolor series of birds that I’m working on for Modern June Art, my next venture!


I picked a few bits of flowers from my garden to fill in some of the small jelly jars!


Ya know, $12.00 flowers never looked so good!


If you want some more inspiration for soda crate floral arrangements check out my Pinterest board, Flower Luv or Google Images.


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