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I’m a fabric design wanna be! Follow my journey and see where it takes me.

Make Art that Sells: May Assignment

This month’s assignment started off with roses; we were supposed to draw, illustrate, or paint roses. Really? Not a problem. My garden is filled with lovely roses. There are also roses filling up the alleys and my neighbor’s yards. Yes, I might have entered into a yard to photograph Michelle’s gorgeous pink roses without permission. She laughed when I told her that I broke in for artistic research purposes. After sketching many versions of a rose, I opted to alter the photo’s that I took of Michelle’s pink roses in Adobe Illustrator. After using live trace to turn them into vectors, I recolor vector images with the Recolor Artwork tool. I just learned how to use the Recolor tool, and I was excited to try it out. That tool is so fun and a bit of a rabbit hole. I could play with that feature all darn day!   The big assignment was to combine our roses and a quote from Gertrude Jekyll to create a journal cover. Lilla Rogers always give us a long …

Make Art that Sells: April Assignement

I can’t even tell you how hard the April project for the Make Art That Sells class was for me to do. We were assigned to dig into our past and find 5 situations that we conquer courageously, then we needed to create imagery to go along with all the feelings. In the end, our primary task was to make a mind map of sorts. My mind map became more a journey map of my life. I broke it down into 5 different sections. College, freelancing as a customer in my 20’s, becoming a wife and mother, the Modern June years, and coming home to be a homeschooling SAHM again. It’s my life on a page. I had a rough childhood, so I feel like my life began when I went off to college. I was the first in my family to go. I was made to feel like I was “too big for my britches” to think that I could do such a thing. My mom told me that I should just go to …

Make Art that Sells: March Bootcamp

  I am excited to be taking the Make Art That Sells course, Assignment Bootcamp once again. What a difference a year makes. I am so much freer in my artwork, I feel like I am actually getting a handle on my style and my Adobe Illustrator skills are so much improved. For March we need to make a “badass backpack” for the gift market. Which meant creating fabrics, my dream job! We were supposed to create patterns abstract icons. I know see patterns everywhere! I created several fabric designs in March, someday I’ll go back and refine them for when I go off to show my portfolio at Quilt Market! Till then I’ll keep creating and growing as a surface designer.