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Camp Declutter: Sewing Supplies

I’ve been keeping up with my weekly #CAMPdeclutter projects where I make small areas tidier and more organized. I call it #cullandmakepretty. I’ve been lax in sharing. This month, I have been working on my kitchen drawers, they aren’t but so exciting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited every time I open up a drawer. Yesterday I started reorganizing my studio. The pegboards in the room were bumming me out; they were just big blobs of clutter. Since I don’t sew for a living anymore, I don’t need all the trim out on display. So, I moved my pegboards into the storage closet that is beside the studio. I plan to use the pegboards for general DIY projects, sewing items and small tools will soon be organized and easy to get too. Now I just have to find a nice place for these suitcases. Aren’t they better than ugly Rubbermaid bins? These could look super cute stacked up in the corner of any room in the house. More soon! Save

My Woman’s March on Washington Journey Quilt

Did you attend the Woman’s March on Washington? I so, I need your help. I am working on an art quilt that represents the individual paths that 470,00 woman, men, and children walked on January 21st in D.C. at the Woman’s March. I plan to stitch your footsteps into a large quilted map of the Mall and the surrounding area. I would love to incorporate your journey into my fiber art piece for Threads of Resistance. I would like to know the streets that you walked on Saturday, January 21st. Start with the Metro that you got off at, or where your bus dropped you off. Then retrace your steps. How far did you get? Where did you go? Could you see the stage? Hear the jumbotrons? I would also like to know a little bit about you so I can remember your story as I stitch your path. – Where do you live? – Why did you go to the Woman’s March? – What was your favorite poster slogan(s)? Please leave a comment below, …

the homebody’s guide to self-care

I was wondering around my bloglovin’ feed last week, and there was a post titled THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOUR HOME MIGHT BE MISSING. Well alright then, I’m always down for some good click bait! So off to the Camile Styles website I went, there I found a photo of a glamorous bathroom and a mood board of pretty things to make taking a bath more enjoyable. Yah, yah, whatever. I don’t have a fancy bathroom, and a beautiful plank of wood (bathtub tray) isn’t going to help much. Our only bathroom is teeny all the highlighted items in the post would just need to be stored somewhere out of the way.  Not glamorous! But, I did something that I don’t normally do, I read the article. Shocking, right? In the introduction, the author, Cristina Cleveland, talks about what she and her co-workers do for self-care. I was shocked that the list didn’t include the oil diffuser or the exfoliator that she linked to. Now, hold on a minute, cuz this was profound for me. …