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Eating Local: Early Bird Biquits Co. & Bakery

For me Early Bird Biscuits Co. & Bakery just popped up from nowhere, and happily so! You know it got my attention with it’s retro signage and old wood facade. It had me a retro! It’s tucked into a a row of old-school businesses, between an ancient appliance repair shop and a magic store in Lakeside, VA. This tiny bakery is just stinking cute!
On Saturday morning Mr. Modern June and I finally set out to give it a try. As we drove up to the 1950’s strip mall the cars were double-parked and there was a small line of customers standing out in the 30 degree weather. Soon after we got into the line a young man came out and told us that the bakery needed 5-10 minutes to recoup from the last rush of folks, he told us that they had cleaned out the bakery! We were reassured that more biscuits were baking, that fresh coffee was brewing, and we’d be taken care of in a flash.
You know that got the rapidly growing line of cold people chatting. The man behind us grumbled that they should be better prepared and a near by woman took up for the 6 month old company. She told us about the massive amount of local recent press that had made this place a new hot spot. The couple behind us left, thus leaving more biscuits for the 20 some people in line behind him. Boy, did they miss out! We stood there peering in the window of the bakery watching the small staff clean and prep for another rush.
Ovens-at-Early-Bird-Biscuits Pan-of-Early-Bird-Biscuits
Once inside I grabbed my hubbies iPhone 5 and started taking photos!! I was ooing and ahhing over this and that, I love how they incorporate vintage housewares. But seriously it was all about the smell of fresh baked biscuits, it was AMAZING!!
The small bakery case was all but empty by 9:30, so get there early folks. I can tell by their Facebook page that they are so much more than biscuits!
Their menu is a rotation of baked love! Their jam is made daily right there in that tiny little bakery. They source local ingredients when possible and all the flour is Virginia-Milled.
I had the Biscuits in Crazy. OMG, it’s good! I saved my extra gravy for later. YUM!! Shockingly, one of our ridiculously picky kids didn’t finish their biscuit, so Mr. Modern June and I split the leftovers and I got to enjoy my extra gravy the way it was intended! Shoot, I would have happily eaten it with a spoon for lunch and then licked the bowl.
My hubby picked the Birthday Biscuit and he said it was like having a Krispi Kream (Hot Now) glaze covered biscuit. It’s on the their unique biscuit flavors that changes constantly. I hope to get one soon!
In short this place is hot-from-the-oven-biscuit-heaven, I’ll see you in line next Saturday, if not for lunch today! Menu, hours and directions can be found at

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