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Collecting Chickens

It’s not a very extensive collection as collections go, but it’s one of my favorites. As I mentioned in my last post, Chicken Obsessed, I love me some chickens! I’ve recently looked everywhere for more. Today I thought that I show off my little chicks and roosters! This gal is my all time favorite. I had seen it at one of my favorite antique shops in the Lakeside neighborhood of Richmond, VA. It was during my hubbies layoff, and I had no business buying anything that wasn’t food at the time. But, come on! I needed a little joy too, so I went back and bought her up. When I started hunting for my chickens, I found most of them on the little red shelves that hang above the counter that divides my kitchen and dining room. There you will find this beautiful art card from JBS Mercantile; Jenni has them in stock in her Etsy shop in case you need one too! Of course, I have a nesting milk glass hen. I’m pretty sure …

Country Living Feature!

  I’m thrilled that Country Living Magazine shared my tray wall in the July/August issue. How cool is that? What an honor to be apart of the Country from Coast to Coast issue! This is a photo of the tray wall from before I painted my dining room white. I can’t wait to get them back up on the wall, I have so many new ones to show off! To hang the trays I use traditional plate hangers and cool adhesive disc hangers (LOVE). The trickiest part it to make sure that the disc is centered up with the image on the front of the tray. I use washie tape to mark the center of the image, making sure that the tape wraps onto the back of the tray. Happy Wednesday peeps, see you on Instagram! Kelly @TheModernJune  

My Thankful Home

I am pretty darn thankful right about now! My sweet man got a super duper job after being laid off 10 months. Yep, it’s been a really hard year, but on December 1st that all changes. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything on my list! This super cool typewriter is from my Father-In-Law used in college. How cool is that? The hubbie and I went to RVA Antiques for a little window shopping a few months ago and I just had to buy this cowboy trash can for him. There was my man telling me that this was the same trash can he had a little boy. Well darn it, I just had to buy it! I love-love-love fall and my this new Woodland Clearing laminated cotton! I hate the 3 weeks in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I just don’t have very many goodies for this season. I was so thrilled when I scored my giant turkey terrine at a Crate and Barrel Outlet last February. I am here… My sweet M make a …