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A new look for Sew Junie!

I have a big hug to all of you for following along with my Camp S’more Series. It was a whole lot of fun! I couldn’t have done it without the support of Ink and Arrow Fabrics, my lovely sponsor! My Sew Junie camper is my little she shed of sorts. I use it as a craft, sewing, and art studio when I want to run away from home. Sew Junie is a great place to sit and embroider (and nap). I recently found a few travel pennants, both old and new, are super fab in my camper! I’d love to have one from every city and/or that I’ve lived in. Only 6, or 7 to go. I love it when people gift me junk! This sweet little yellow shelf was passed down to me from my BNF (best neighbor friend), Janet! Someday I’ll take off the contact paper and paint it up until then I’ll enjoy its very shabby self. My camper came with the original table, but I keep it stored in our …

Spooky Sew Junie

Good afternoon from the #sewjunie camper!! It’s almost time for Halloween and Sew Junie is ready for chilly nights filled with tricks and treats. I wish I could have the kids get their candy from the camper, sadly, I don’t think the parents would like for their littles to go into my backyard. I’ll have to save the camper for my family and friends after the candy it all doled out. For now, let’s grab a cup of mulled apple cider and I’ll give you a tour of the camper! I hope you enjoyed my spooky little camper!! I can’t wait to decorate the camper for Christmas!! I’m working on a holiday fabric for Spoonflower that I’ll use to make up lots of pillows and such. I can’t wait to share it with you all. xoxox, Kelly

Free Download: Camper Coloring Page

Here is the 2nd free download for my little Modern June Anniversary Celebration. I’m sorry to be a little behind this week, it’s the end of the homeschool year and we’ve been busy testing and such. Download: Happy Camper Coloring Page by Modern June It has been 10 great years for Modern June and I want to give you a little something! Please download my little Happy Camper coloring page and follow my journey as I set out to create Modern June Art, and move my tiny company into the next decade.  Once you have colored your little campy heart out, share your masterpiece with me on Instagram. Use #happycampercolor. See more of my journey into illustration and art on Instagram, #ModernJuneSketchbook. I’ve really had a fun time learning and creating. I can’t wait to open up a Society 6 and Spoonflower shop soon. Happy coloring!