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It’s all hearts and love!

For today’s post I turned to my Pinterest board for Valentine’s day! I was amazed with all the little heart sachet’s and brooches that I’ve pinned over the years. I’m busy helping my 17-year-old daughter prepare for an anime convention this week, so I’ll have to keep my Valentine making a bit more simple than I’d like. Here’s what would inspire me if I had the time… Felt flowers and hearts by Rose Hips! German Etsian PeriDot makes the sweetest sachet’s with little ribbon hearts! Felt Sew Good’s ornament tutorial is a favorite! I’ve saved the best for last! Check out Beedeebabee’s brooches and pins, Paulette’s handwork is to die for! What is inspiring you this Valentine’s Day?

Fake Bake: Blue Baking

I shared my favorite paint color with you yesterday, it’s the color of my living room and my home studio. But my color crush for Modern June Blue doesn’t end there! Whether you call it aqua or turquoise it’s just down right pretty!! Since blue’s not just for walls… Over the weekend I totally dismantled my Modern June studio (#MJHQ) so I could find room for my friend Tony from Feathernesters fame! While I moved my fabric from one wall to another I watched my favorite movie!! Can you guess what movie that is? Bridget: How’s it look? Mark: Uh, great. It’s, um, blue. Bridget: Blue? Mark: No, but, blue is good. If you ask me there isn’t enough blue food. Bridget: Oh, shit! It must be the string. Mark: Oh, it’s string soup?  Yep, you guessed it, Bridget Jones Diary! So let’s do some fake baking with one of my favorite colors. What is a Fake Bake? Well, it’s when I pretend that I’m a really good baker with a pantry the size of …