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Introducing Modern June Art

I finally did it; I opened up a Society6 shop called Modern June Art.  Yesterday I posted two apple watercolors that I painted earlier this month. I’m going to try and upload a few pieces every week. I’m excited to buy a few things for myself, like this stretched canvas print that I’m calling Apple Baskets! I painted this one after going to Carter Mountain Orchard; I’d like to have an apple picking day that included pretty baskets filled with delicious apples. My first purchase has to be two of these outdoor pillows with my Perfect Apple watercolor. It’ll be my payday treat!! I think that a couple of giant apple pillows will be a great addition to the front porch for fall. I’m excited to start this next chapter of Modern June!

Chicken Obsessed!

Who knows where obsessions, I mean collections, start? I’m pretty sure that my chicken collection began with a milk glass piece, you know the one, it’s a nesting chicken. All I know is that I collect vintage chicken figurines, and I want more. My thing for chickens doesn’t stop at collecting. I go to places like Homegoods, and I look through the displays, and I want my chickens to be on the wall art, apron fabrics and figurines. Over the last year and a half I’ve been working on art, I hadn’t picked up an art brush in about 25 years, so I started at the beginning. When I decided to shut down production at Modern June, I needed to find something to help me through the transition, depression, and worry. I didn’t want to sew, in fact, I just started sewing again this month. Modern June Art became my art therapy. (There’s more on the shut down here and here.)   I started out with colored pencils and an ink pen. I guess I …