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Change is good!

It’s time to mix this up, so here’s the big news! I’m going to close my Oilcloth Addict shop in the new year (coupon code endofyear35 saves you 35% at OCA only). Why? There are several happy reasons. The main reason is that the lease on my studio is up in February and I’m really ready for a change. I’m moving my professional sewing equipment to a new maker space that is opening in late Winter/early Spring, and I’m totally excited about this!!  All the cutting tables and sewing machines will be there for (me and) the members to use. I don’t want to sell it all off, ‘cause you never know when you might need such things. In the meantime, they’ll have a good home! Giving up 120 bolts of fabric to sell-and-store will give me the chance to grow Modern June in new and different ways. There will also be changes in the Modern June product line: I’ll be shifting from production to pattern making. Those of you that know me well, already …

Sewing with Oilcloth Spotlight: Oilcloth Seat Cushion

Spring is almost here and it’s time that I start thinking about a new look for the seat cushion that I made for my sewing book, Sewing with Oilcloth. I love a porch makeover, don’t you? I’ve been using these since 2010, they’ve been great fun and worn well. Five years later they are a bit faded and have a few holes from our cat’s claws. Thankfully, the holes never ripped or tore and they are just a little reminder of the kitten days. This is Ozzy’s bed of choice which is fine by me, because it’s so darn easy to clean. Every so often I spray the oilcloth down with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and wipe it clean so it’s ready for humans once more. s The pattern is written so you can make your own custom seat cushion. I recommend that you make yourself a paper pattern and store it in a safe place, this way you can skip that step when it’s time remake your cushion covers. Oilcloth is a stiff PVC …

Color Crush: Pink, Coral and Orange

I know that it’s 3 days before Valentine’s Day and I should sharing all the red fabrics that I sell.  Those of you that know me, know that I’m usually all about red!! I’ve decided to skip my red post for new color combo that I’m crushing on!! Orange, coral and pink!! I just received a new order from my distributor and these were all packed up in the same box, I love how these work together. Pink Strawberry Pink Lace Coral Doily NEW!! Orange Gingham Orange Mum