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higgledy-piggledy garden wall

When I moved into our home nearly 19 years ago, I was eager to create a lush garden, but like most new homeowners with a single income and a 7-month-old baby, money was TIGHT! I quickly became queen of the free plants. I was happy to take in anyone’s unwanted plants as they thinned out their gardens. Irises, daylilies, hostas, and liriope/lily turf where widely available to me at what time. I had long been an avid Saturday morning PBS fan. This Old House and The Victory Garden taught me everything I knew about gardening. Of course, my friend Martha taught me a lot too. So I took my garden hose and arranged it in an attractive curve and laid out my first garden bed in my front yard. I took all that free liriope and divided it up into little chunks and used it to plant a sweeping border, separating the garden from the yard. Darn it, hindsight is 20/20. The liriope that I was given wasn’t the beautiful little plants that behave, nnnoooo, …

My Fall Porch

I’ve been decorating this front porch for 18 years now; I love this porch. It means the world to me; it’s home. On these steps, I’ve built friendships and watched kids grow. Alright, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s talk decor style! For so long I’ve been planting red flowers into terracotta pots, I feel like I’ve become that woman that has the same hair style since the 80’s. It’s time for a design style change. So, I saw this photo of Saw, Nail, and Paint’s front porch on Instagram, and I was inspired to do something different. Please go over and see Susan’s front porch makeover on her blog! I loved all the galvanized pots and white pumpkins. So, I went for it, except for the pink. I’m not ready to embrace the pink trend, not after being all about the color red for so long. I started the way I always do, by digging through my stuff. I grabbed my old watering can from the backyard, and I rounded up all my galvanized …

Bright White

Last month I said goodbye to my yellow walls, and I painted my dining room white. I’m totally in love with it. I love how the color of my home accessories pops off the walls now. I chose Behr Ultra White; it’s the color that we have on all the trim throughout our house and in Inside Sew Junie! I like how this shade of white has a gray hue to it at certain times of the day. I have been slow to adapt to the white decor trend; I hold on to color like many people grasp on to beige, or gray. I see a red accessory, and I’m guided to it like it’s a giant magnet. It’s become an issue. LOL! I plan on painting the kitchen cabinets (Oak) and walls (RED), White during September. Once the weather breaks and we get into our homeschool routine, I’m grabbing a paint brush and getting to work. Which room are you painting next? Will it be white? XOXOX, Kelly