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Spooky Sew Junie

Good afternoon from the #sewjunie camper!! It’s almost time for Halloween and Sew Junie is ready for chilly nights filled with tricks and treats. I wish I could have the kids get their candy from the camper, sadly, I don’t think the parents would like for their littles to go into my backyard. I’ll have to save the camper for my family and friends after the candy it all doled out. For now, let’s grab a cup of mulled apple cider and I’ll give you a tour of the camper! I hope you enjoyed my spooky little camper!! I can’t wait to decorate the camper for Christmas!! I’m working on a holiday fabric for Spoonflower that I’ll use to make up lots of pillows and such. I can’t wait to share it with you all. xoxox, Kelly

Bright White

Last month I said goodbye to my yellow walls, and I painted my dining room white. I’m totally in love with it. I love how the color of my home accessories pops off the walls now. I chose Behr Ultra White; it’s the color that we have on all the trim throughout our house and in Inside Sew Junie! I like how this shade of white has a gray hue to it at certain times of the day. I have been slow to adapt to the white decor trend; I hold on to color like many people grasp on to beige, or gray. I see a red accessory, and I’m guided to it like it’s a giant magnet. It’s become an issue. LOL! I plan on painting the kitchen cabinets (Oak) and walls (RED), White during September. Once the weather breaks and we get into our homeschool routine, I’m grabbing a paint brush and getting to work. Which room are you painting next? Will it be white? XOXOX, Kelly

Color Crush: Modern June Blue

You might have noticed over the years that I love color, and the bolder the better. I crush on deep saturated colors, to me they are the best! I know this is not very trendy right now, not when most decor blogs feature homes bathed in white. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too, my bathroom is all white with the exception of the fabrics. There I choose bright colors that pop off the white and makes me very happy. Let’s face it, I never met a color that I didn’t like — unless you consider beige a real color! My kitchen is cherry red, my dining room is a sunny yellow and my stairway is lime green! All those colors are great, but my living room gets the most love and attention on Instagram. I have been asked many times for the name of the paint color, but the answer is complicated. After trying out several pints of blue paint colors with names like Tiffany and Robin’s Egg I was dissatisfied, so I …