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Camp Declutter: Sewing Supplies

I’ve been keeping up with my weekly #CAMPdeclutter projects where I make small areas tidier and more organized. I call it #cullandmakepretty. I’ve been lax in sharing. This month, I have been working on my kitchen drawers, they aren’t but so exciting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited every time I open up a drawer. Yesterday I started reorganizing my studio. The pegboards in the room were bumming me out; they were just big blobs of clutter. Since I don’t sew for a living anymore, I don’t need all the trim out on display. So, I moved my pegboards into the storage closet that is beside the studio. I plan to use the pegboards for general DIY projects, sewing items and small tools will soon be organized and easy to get too. Now I just have to find a nice place for these suitcases. Aren’t they better than ugly Rubbermaid bins? These could look super cute stacked up in the corner of any room in the house. More soon! Save

CAMP declutter: Catching Up

I haven’t forgotten my 2017 challenge, CAMP declutter, I’ve just fallen behind in showing my progress. Week 6: Super Simple Tea Station I tidied up this part of the kitchen counter twice in February. I replaced the chrome canisters with a few mismatched Bell Jars, which was nice, but not great. So I grabbed up 3 Fido Jars at the Crate and Barrel when I was in Arlington. We don’t have a lot of counter space, so we just keep the tea out and ready. The kids and I drink tea a few times a day, so it get’s the honor countertop time. Don only drinks coffee (at home) on the weekends, so he has a coffee tray that lives on top of the fridge. I’ll trick out his coffee tray soon. Week 7: Aidan’s Mess and a new chair UG! I can’t tell you how happy that I’ve been since I cleaned up this messy spot right off the foyer. This is my youngest’s dumping and storage area, trust me when I tell you …

CAMP declutter – medicine cabinet

One of the things that make me crazy is that there are multiples of in different parts of the house. Seriously, we had medicines in 6 places throughout the house. To get started, I collected all the meds from all their hiding places. The linen closet, the glasses cabinet, the pantry, the extra bathroom cabinet, and the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. All the bottles on the tray were able to be rinsed out and recycled. That felt so good! I was lucky that the hubby bought this adjustable Spicy Shelf a few months ago. I would not have thought to look for such a thing. I must admit, I was skeptical. I didn’t see how it was going to shrink to fit, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted my shelves to be reordered. I’ve been happy with it. Unfortunately, he didn’t think to purge any of the things that were out-of-date or no longer needed. Don lives in we need more space mentality. I believe that we don’t need more space, we just …