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Valhalla Farm

My Friend Summer has a new home with lots of land and lovely little farm. I was able to drive over for a visit a couple of weeks ago. I took lots of pictures of her lovely animals. Sheep, piglets, chickens, and a lone duck! Valhalla Farm…   Summers Etsy shop, Valkyrie Fibers, is filled with beautiful yarn and project bags! Follow Summer’s adventures in farm life on Instagram! For more farm and fiber eye candy  you can check out her hashies: #valhallafarmva and #valkyriefibers! Save

Collecting Chickens

It’s not a very extensive collection as collections go, but it’s one of my favorites. As I mentioned in my last post, Chicken Obsessed, I love me some chickens! I’ve recently looked everywhere for more. Today I thought that I show off my little chicks and roosters! This gal is my all time favorite. I had seen it at one of my favorite antique shops in the Lakeside neighborhood of Richmond, VA. It was during my hubbies layoff, and I had no business buying anything that wasn’t food at the time. But, come on! I needed a little joy too, so I went back and bought her up. When I started hunting for my chickens, I found most of them on the little red shelves that hang above the counter that divides my kitchen and dining room. There you will find this beautiful art card from JBS Mercantile; Jenni has them in stock in her Etsy shop in case you need one too! Of course, I have a nesting milk glass hen. I’m pretty sure …

Chicken Obsessed!

Who knows where obsessions, I mean collections, start? I’m pretty sure that my chicken collection began with a milk glass piece, you know the one, it’s a nesting chicken. All I know is that I collect vintage chicken figurines, and I want more. My thing for chickens doesn’t stop at collecting. I go to places like Homegoods, and I look through the displays, and I want my chickens to be on the wall art, apron fabrics and figurines. Over the last year and a half I’ve been working on art, I hadn’t picked up an art brush in about 25 years, so I started at the beginning. When I decided to shut down production at Modern June, I needed to find something to help me through the transition, depression, and worry. I didn’t want to sew, in fact, I just started sewing again this month. Modern June Art became my art therapy. (There’s more on the shut down here and here.)   I started out with colored pencils and an ink pen. I guess I …