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WIP Wednesday: Fractal Quilt

I recently started sewing again, and I’ve been in the mood to quilt. Even though I’ve been sewing since I was 12, I’ve only made one quilt. I made a quilt for my book At Home with Modern June. That quilt was a simple quilt that I made with 5″ scrapes, and it was similar to a 1970’s crazy quilt that my Grr (Grandma) gave me when I was just out of college. Now that I have time to sew for my family I’ve turned to my shelf of sewing books for inspiration. I found myself intrigued with Alexandra Winston’s book Quilt Lab, and her Fractal Quilt pattern kept lingering in my mind. I was able to meet her at a Quilt Market when out C&T Publishing books came out in 201?. Last Saturday I set out to start two identical quilts one for my son, Aidan, and another for my brother. My brother, Steve, is a mathematics professor, so a fractal quilt seemed like the perfect fit. Once I got into my second day …

Book Sale!

It’s finally spring, so I think it’s time to have a sale on my both of my books!  At Home with Modern June! It’s now on sale for $19.95, that saves you 7 buckaroo’s! Sewing with Oilcloth is now marked down from 18.99 to 14.95! Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to get stitchin’! Get your signed copies today at!