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N95 Mask Cover Tutorial

Want to help your local healthcare hero with N95 mask covers is a hurry? I’ve adapted the pattern my local hospital requested and streamlined the process. My step-by-step tutorial walks you through my assembly-line method. I was able to get 25 done in a day with the help of my family. I enlist my college-aged kids with clipping and turning. Click here for the PDF tutorial: N95 Mask Cover Tutorial Click here for the original pattern: Mask Production 2020 Click here for the surgical sheets that I used: Direct Textile Click here for an updated mask pattern piece: Updated Mask pattern

Tuesday in the dining room

You can tell that I mean business when I sit down at the dining room table first thing in the morning. But sometimes it doesn’t go my way. There I am, all set to conquer the day when I notice that the view from my chair is cluttered. I can’t take it, so jump up and tidy. Now that I’ve removed my kid’s textbooks, and rearranged the sideboard, I’ll be able to sit right down and get to work. I’m going to tidy up my workspaces up before I go to bed every night. (Insert hysterical laughter!)