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A couple of weeks ago, I was able to help promote Ink and Arrow’s new Sweet Rebellion fabric line with a free tutorial. I knew that I wanted to make an embroidered table runner, so I took one of my favorite drawings and used it for a project. Feel free to download the pattern here:  modern-june-table-runner-embroidery-pattern. In 2016, I created over 366 pieces of art, doing my best to draw and paint every day. I used this time to figure out my artistic style, so this I’ve used this composition a few times to try out different things. As you can see, I finished some and didn’t others. For this project, I took the original drawing and deconstructed it on the computer to create the pattern. I really enjoy making motifs and patterns with Photoshop and Illustrator. I have found that it’s an excellent way to recycle and/or perfect the 366 pieces of art that I created in 2016. I’ll be using process a lot more in 2017 to create surface design patterns. Head over …

Modern June Art 2016

I must say 2016 was incredible! I accomplished many things in my professional and personal life, I graduated my eldest from homeschool, I closed Modern June and 50 million other things along the way. One of my most tangible victories was the 366 days of art challenge that I took on. Now, I didn’t create art every single day of the year, I cut some self some slack (family first) on that front. Even though I didn’t create daily I did end up with more than 366 pieces of paper in my red file box. I created a series time-lapse videos and put them on my new @ModernJuneArt Instagram feed, you can see them under the hashtag #modernjunesketchbooktimelapse2016 I posted the good, the bad, and the ugly. And by ugly, I mean some sketches/paintings that really needed to chucked into the bin. I figure we learn by our mistakes, and who knows maybe the thought of feeling behind the “fail” will become something someday. Last spring I took the Make Art That Sells course, Assignment …

Introducing Modern June Art

I finally did it; I opened up a Society6 shop called Modern June Art.  Yesterday I posted two apple watercolors that I painted earlier this month. I’m going to try and upload a few pieces every week. I’m excited to buy a few things for myself, like this stretched canvas print that I’m calling Apple Baskets! I painted this one after going to Carter Mountain Orchard; I’d like to have an apple picking day that included pretty baskets filled with delicious apples. My first purchase has to be two of these outdoor pillows with my Perfect Apple watercolor. It’ll be my payday treat!! I think that a couple of giant apple pillows will be a great addition to the front porch for fall. I’m excited to start this next chapter of Modern June!