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Camp Declutter: Sewing Supplies

I’ve been keeping up with my weekly #CAMPdeclutter projects where I make small areas tidier and more organized. I call it #cullandmakepretty. I’ve been lax in sharing. This month, I have been working on my kitchen drawers, they aren’t but so exciting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited every time I open up a drawer. Yesterday I started reorganizing my studio. The pegboards in the room were bumming me out; they were just big blobs of clutter. Since I don’t sew for a living anymore, I don’t need all the trim out on display. So, I moved my pegboards into the storage closet that is beside the studio. I plan to use the pegboards for general DIY projects, sewing items and small tools will soon be organized and easy to get too. Now I just have to find a nice place for these suitcases. Aren’t they better than ugly Rubbermaid bins? These could look super cute stacked up in the corner of any room in the house. More soon! Save

CAMP declutter – bathroom baskets

For this week’s CAMP declutter challenge I decided to tackle my messy bathroom baskets. Open baskets are terrific for things that you use daily, but they can become cluttered catch-alls that are filled with dust when left unchecked. I made these pretty basket liners for my sewing book, At Home with Modern June, in 2012. The laminated cotton has held up really well, I love the bright colors and easy to clean surface. I could have just cleaned them and tidied them up like I do every five minutes, but I live with teenagers that just throw any and everything into the wire baskets. We only have one tiny bathroom in our 90-year-old home so it’s important that it get some attention. I really wanted to hide away as much stuff as possible. I found this great wicker basket at Home Goods for $8 bucks! Score!! I love that it adds some texture to the room. The most important lesson this week was about storage real estate. Only things that are used daily deserve a high-dollar …

CAMP declutter – spice cabinet

Last month I took a close look at my spice cabinet, and I was shocked at how OLD and UGLY everything inside it was. Let’s be honest, this cabinet was totally gross, I’m being very brave by adding the before photos to this post. Eek! I’m pretty sure that painted the yellow all in 2000 when we had our kitchen installed. I’ve spent the last year working on decluttering my house; I’ve donated, recycled, and trashed over 120 bags from my home and old studio. As I finished emptying out the spice cabinet I started thinking, why after all these months do I still have a place where everything so old and neglected? Why can’t a small space like a spice cabinet become a delightful spot that brings us a little calm and delight? An hour after emptying out all the jars I raided the recycling bin and took a photo of all the (extremely) outdated spices and baking supplies, because, I had an idea for a weekly decluttering project for us. My spice cabinet …