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I love to make my home and studio pretty with a combination of modern and vintage finds.

Spooky Sew Junie

Good afternoon from the #sewjunie camper!! It’s almost time for Halloween and Sew Junie is ready for chilly nights filled with tricks and treats. I wish I could have the kids get their candy from the camper, sadly, I don’t think the parents would like for their littles to go into my backyard. I’ll have to save the camper for my family and friends after the candy it all doled out. For now, let’s grab a cup of mulled apple cider and I’ll give you a tour of the camper! I hope you enjoyed my spooky little camper!! I can’t wait to decorate the camper for Christmas!! I’m working on a holiday fabric for Spoonflower that I’ll use to make up lots of pillows and such. I can’t wait to share it with you all. xoxox, Kelly

Light up the living room

I’ve been looking for a stylish new floor lamp for the living room since last winter. I want to replace the cheap torchiere floor lamp from a big box hardware store behind my favorite chair. You know the type, it’s functional, but it’s boring! Besides, I’m pushing 50 and I need a good task light, on that will keep me working on my embroidery and crochet projects past sundown. I’ve found the perfect lamp; it’s the Pappa Bear of our favorite desk lamp. It’s Land of Nod’s Wow, That’s a Big Lamp! It’s great, isn’t it? The only downside to this lamp is the $299 price tag. With one off to college in 2 months, spending that kind of money just isn’t in the budget. I also love this one that I found on the Crate and Barrel website; I like that it looks a little industrial. The Sylvester floor lamp is the priciest of all my dream lights; it’s a cool $399. I like this Beam Floor Lamp from CB2; it’s so very grown …

Design Personality

Photo Credit: Domino Magazine, Orange is the new home! When Don and I were first married, we went shopping with another couple in Baltimore. We ended up in a middle eastern rug shop, where I received the best advice on interior design that I’ve heard yet. The older gentleman that owned the store heard me say that a kilim rug would match the sofa, he told me not to worry about matching. Instead, I should only buy things for my house that I loved, and it would always work. He locked the shop door (yes, it was a way creepy) and took the four of us upstairs (way scary) to his family home and gave us a tour; he proved his point. Now, I don’t recommend going into strangers homes, but I do believe that we met for a reason. In fact, I took his advice and applied it to every aspect of my life. Keep what you love and leave the rest. So why do I have a design dilemma? Why am I questioning …