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A new look for Sew Junie!


I have a big hug to all of you for following along with my Camp S’more Series. It was a whole lot of fun! I couldn’t have done it without the support of Ink and Arrow Fabrics, my lovely sponsor!

My Sew Junie camper is my little she shed of sorts. I use it as a craft, sewing, and art studio when I want to run away from home.

Sew Junie is a great place to sit and embroider (and nap).


I recently found a few travel pennants, both old and new, are super fab in my camper! I’d love to have one from every city and/or that I’ve lived in. Only 6, or 7 to go.


I love it when people gift me junk! This sweet little yellow shelf was passed down to me from my BNF (best neighbor friend), Janet! Someday I’ll take off the contact paper and paint it up until then I’ll enjoy its very shabby self.


My camper came with the original table, but I keep it stored in our shed. I prefer to use a folding table and these camping stools as tables. This way I can quickly remove them and make room for company (and napping)!


This blue cupboard is one of my most favorite Country Living Fair finds! I bought it years ago when I was at a Stone Moutain CLF. I walked past in for 3 days, when I woke up Sunday morning I told myself that if it was there, it was mine! Best part, is that is was marked down to $75 bucks, can’t beat half price!

The more brick-a-brack, the better, that’s my motto!


A week ago my hubby and I headed out to do some junkin’ in Lakeside, the neighborhood just north of our own. Our first stop was RVA Antiques, where I found this old Coleman cooler. It was a little too pricey, so I passed it by, until, I won a $50 gift card in their raffle. How perfect!!


The front part of the camper is set up with a temporary work table made with two storage units from Class and Trash.I’ve topped it with some old IKEA shelf boards that I’ve wrapped with chalk cloth. It’s not fancy, heck, it’s barely functional.

Sew Junie needs to be taken into the shop and have some work done, the trailer guys suggested that I don’t do any more work on the interior till the get the top of the camper securely attached to the frame. Since that’s a pricey fix and I have a college student and no job, it’s all on hold!

All in good time!


Even if it’s not perfect, it’s a cozy space for me to paint and hide-away from my kids and hubby!

I hope that you enjoyed this little tour of my spring camper! We are planning a 4th of July cookout, so I’ll have to make another set of pillow covers to make it oh-so-patriotic!



  1. I absolutely love your little She Shed and I am green with envy! Such a great trip with you on your re-construction journey. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. Denice Lamont says

    You enjoy your lady cave honey!
    Finely at 75 I am making mine I have a very old pick-up camper ( 1974) I have taken all the doors off and knobs hinges it is in a 1000 peaces, BUT I (ME) have a vision, it will be painted white all over to make it bright and purple curtains, cushions and pillows. some pink too.
    it will be my craft truck on wheels. Yes I am making every thing, unscrewed every screw and hammered every nail.. LOL LOL…
    Now back to your little trailer has the roof really come lose from the top or is it just leaking? If it is leaking only get in touch with me and I will tell you what I have learned over the years. I have had trailers for a very long time.
    I love your space you enjoy it glad you did not wait until you were over 70 for it.
    The best of luck.


    • Your camper sounds delightful!!!

      I had/have leaks, that isn’t the problem. The actual shell of the camper is no longer attached to the frame. It’s beyond what I’m capable of doing. It’ll cost about $1000 to get the camper road worthy again, so for now, the camper is just for enjoying in the back yard. Once I get some mad money that doesn’t go to my kid’s college tuition, I’ll get Junie all fixed up.

      I bought the camper for my old business, Modern June, but now I want to go GLAMPING!!!



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