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My Woman’s March on Washington Journey Quilt

Did you attend the Woman’s March on Washington? I so, I need your help. I am working on an art quilt that represents the individual paths that 470,00 woman, men, and children walked on January 21st in D.C. at the Woman’s March. I plan to stitch your footsteps into a large quilted map of the Mall and the surrounding area. I would love to incorporate your journey into my fiber art piece for Threads of Resistance.
I would like to know the streets that you walked on Saturday, January 21st. Start with the Metro that you got off at, or where your bus dropped you off. Then retrace your steps. How far did you get? Where did you go? Could you see the stage? Hear the jumbotrons?

I would also like to know a little bit about you so I can remember your story as I stitch your path.

– Where do you live?
– Why did you go to the Woman’s March?
– What was your favorite poster slogan(s)?

Please leave a comment below, start off with “Private Comment” if you don’t want me to publish it. Your path is safe with me!


Here is an example of the information that I am looking for, this just happens to be my story:

We got to the Judiciary Square Metro and walked past the Canadian Embassy. We ended up walking down a 3rd street, trying to make our way to Independence Ave. We gave up when we got in line with the statue on top of the capital, all of us were being crushed into one another, and we were at a dead stop.

We went back down 3rd Street and turned east onto Madison Dr. NW. The energy here was incredible, and we enjoyed walking down to the Smithsonian Castle. At that point, we could see people marching down Jefferson Dr. SW, so we cut across the lawn and joined them.

Once we got to the corner of Jefferson and 14th St. it was total gridlock. So we walked along the grass beside 14th St. we crossed the massive amount to people at 14th and Madison and walked around the National Museum of American History and then through the Federal Triangle and up to 13th St. and to the Metro Center stop.

– I drove up from Richmond VA.
– I marched for my LGBTQ kids and to share my voice for diversity and human rights for all people!
– Posters that I loved. “Gender isn’t a preexisting condition.” “Love won the popular vote.” “Your fragile masculinity is exhausting.”

Thanks so much for your time and energy.

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