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the homebody’s guide to self-care

I was wondering around my bloglovin’ feed last week, and there was a post titled THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOUR HOME MIGHT BE MISSING. Well alright then, I’m always down for some good click bait!

So off to the Camile Styles website I went, there I found a photo of a glamorous bathroom and a mood board of pretty things to make taking a bath more enjoyable. Yah, yah, whatever. I don’t have a fancy bathroom, and a beautiful plank of wood (bathtub tray) isn’t going to help much. Our only bathroom is teeny all the highlighted items in the post would just need to be stored somewhere out of the way.  Not glamorous!

But, I did something that I don’t normally do, I read the article. Shocking, right? In the introduction, the author, Cristina Cleveland, talks about what she and her co-workers do for self-care. I was shocked that the list didn’t include the oil diffuser or the exfoliator that she linked to.

Now, hold on a minute, cuz this was profound for me. The three ladies found that yoga, volunteering with dogs, and thrifting was how the cared for themselves best.

Thrifting? How is that self-care? I kept thinking about that for days. The days that were filled with a sewer line back up IN MY KITCHEN! ((((( BLEEPThe days that we talked about digging up my entire backyard AGAIN, the sewer wasn’t put in correctly 5 years ago!!!!!! (((( DOUBLE BLEEP)))) These were the same days when I learned that this would not be covered by insurance. (((((OH SO MANY BLEEPS)))))

Thankfully, I had planned to tag along with my eldest child who was going to attend an anime con, and I was able to get out of town. Yep, there I was 3 days and 2 nights in a hotel room, in Old Town Alexandria, all by myself. It was just what the doctor ordered.

While I was laying in bed Friday night watching movie after movie, I realized that this was one of my most favorite forms of self-care. This is something that I have enjoyed since I was old enough to stay up and watch MASH after everyone went to bed. I find deep comfort in laying on the couch, or bed watching movies in the dark by myself. I also like to go to the movies in the afternoon when I have the movie theater all to myself.

The next day I set out to work on my latest embroidery pattern. Again and ah-ha moment. Creating, crafting and sewing are also how I have cared for myself, and it has been since I was 16.

Duh!! I turned 49 last week, you would think that I knew this about myself.

So here is my self-care list.

  • Embroidery, sewing, and crafting
  • Watching movies in the dark
  • Painting, be it watercolor on paper or latex on walls
  • fabric shopping
  • DIY
  • junkin’
  • Instagram
  • the occasional blog post

Here is a strange new item for my self-care list that is keeping me sane.

  • CAMPdeclutter, organizing and general house keeping

Seriously, who knew? Okay, I’m sure that Martha knew, she’s so smart!

Please note that there isn’t one mention of nail polish, face masks or exercise in my world. LOL, I only (kind of) aspire to add the last item on that list to my self-care. There it is, a homebody’s guide to caring for one’s self.


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  1. Thank you so much for reading the post! The thrifting surprised me too, but if you want to hear her explain it we filmed my coworker talking about why that’s her form of self care.

    I’m really happy you got something out of it 🙂


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