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Woman’s March on Washington

Here is a little photo album from the Woman’s March on Washington! It was the most energizing day. Some day I’ll come back and write about my journey but for now photos and good signage.









  1. I was unable to go a march here, although there were some. I’m in East Tennessee and it’s all Trump here.
    I knew it was going to be historical. I had my sign and watched on TV the incredible March.
    I do believe it united all of us. Every color, every culture, every age and those who love who they love. “Together we are stronger” HRC


    • I love your story!! My friends and I kept wondering what it looked like on TV! We had no phone connection, but finally one of my kids was able to get me a photo of the stage area. We couldn’t get within blocks of the actual speeches. The energy was amazing!! I spent Sunday watching the speeches on You Tube, now I know why there were waves of people roaring!! LOL! It was a historic day!



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