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CAMP declutter week 5

I’ve been decluttering my way through some of my kitchen cabinets for the last two weeks. My goal was to get all of the cleaning supplies wrangled into one spot and under the sink. This made me rethink my pantry and what was the baking cabinet. Today I’ll show you how I’ve created a more thoughtful and organized situation.


The dark and cluttered cabinet was a HOT mess. It’s been a catch-all cabinet for a very long time. Don’t know what to do with something? No problem, just throw it under the sink and shut the door as quickly as possible. Even the one wall mounted organizer wasn’t being used well.

I started by emptying out the contents and getting rid of any and all things that my family of 4 doesn’t need or use anymore. For one, the old dish drainer and rack got a good scrub and was dropped off at Diversity Thrift.

I was able to put all the water bottles in an upper cabinet that once had cold meds. Now we are able to get to the bottles without an avalanche of junk.



Of course, San-San had to check out the empty cabinet. I cannot wait to get all of these cabinets painted white. This rosy-orange wood is so UGLY, was it this ugly 16 years ago?!! I promised the family that I would wait until spring break, but I’m not sure that I have the strength.

I pulled the plastic cleaning bin out of the pantry and pulled out multiples and gave the tub a good scrub. I love that I had all of the wire baskets leftover from the Modern June commercial studio, they are now filled with sponges, Swiffer pads, trash bags and a bell jar of dishwasher pods. Behind the front row, you will find bulk items of the same things, making refilling super easy.

I’m a big fan of using an object for a new use. I took these drapery holdbacks to create a rack for my dying mat. I love my drying mat, but I didn’t like having to hang up to dry. Now I can use it and then tuck it on the hooks, and it can dry out and be put away.


I also painted the inside of a second cabinet this week. I removed all of the baking ingredients to make room for the food processor that my MIL just passed down to me. I also tucked in the salad spinner and some of the larger food storage containers that previously lived under the sink.

I lined the cabinet with oilcloth (from my stash) and hung up my At Home with Modern June potholders up with a cup hook. These items will really pop when the cabinets are bright white! You know that I love the vintage feel. Oh, I can’t wait for this kitchen reno to be complete!

Check out CAMP declutter for my quest for an organized life and join on Instagram for more #campdeclutter fun!

  • Week 5 costs: $11.00
  • CAMP declutter running total: $116.09


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