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CAMP declutter – Catch-All Basket

I have a thing for piles! Piles of paper, piles of books, piles of projects. You name it; I’ve had a pile of it. In my attempt to cull and make pretty (CAMP) the small places I am always looking for a simple solution for a cluttered spot.

I mentioned that I’d be working on my sink cabinet this week, well, that project has grown. Redoing that cabinet now includes the two kitchen cabinets and my pantry. It’s all very exciting, I’ll reveal it next week.


So for this week, I have a quick fix for us. I was tidying up the dining room this morning, I grimaced at the overflowing papers, that seems to live on a bar stool in my dining room. That’s when I noticed a basket from HomeGoods. There it was, in the corner, just 18″ away. DUH!


I bought this covered basket ($8.99) for the bathroom earlier this month, but it was too big, and I planned to return it. Glad I didn’t! Anything of current importance is in this bin, so as a rule, I purge the catch-all bin often. I took 4 minutes to sort out the old coupons, and junk mail and I put a few things away in their proper home.



Now I have this stack of baskets that look great and hold things like office supplies, yarn, and my paper pile!

After that, I hung a few of my recent hoop art projects and poof, I had a bright and happy corner, free of clutter. It only took me 10 minutes to spruce up this area of my dining room.

Check out the story behind my floral hoop here and here. The Love trumps hate hoop story is here.

What is your favorite clutter-busting trick?


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