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Dreamy Living Room – Arhaus


I am in desperate need of a living room makeover and I’ve been thinking a lot about my design personality. My kids are 16 and 19, and our two cats don’t claw the furniture. I feel like I’ve reached a time in my life that I can get grown up furniture again. Seriously, the last time I bought a proper sofa was B. K. (before kids), in 1994. Once the kids completely destroyed my lovely department store sofa, we opted for 2 Ikea love seats that are totally falling apart.

So when Arhaus asked me to put together a dream living mood board I was more than happy to do some virtual shopping.


I’m obsessed with the Corso and Fulton (white) sofas! That exposed framing is to die for! I’ve been fascinated with Mid-Century Modern design forever. I love how the dark wood on Fulton sofa would fit in with the vintage pieces that we currently own. I think that the hubby would like the Corso in velvety blue goodness better, I bet that feels heavenly!


I’m excited to open up my living room by replacing the second loveseat with two arm chairs. It will give the room some breathing room and create a better flow. The Bingham chair and ottoman are only 31″ wide, the scale will be perfect for my 90-year-old home that is a bit on the small size.

I’ve been adding in more metallics through the house, after 18 years of chrome, I’m excited to embrace gold, copper, and brass. Arhaus has much to offer in the way of metals. I love the classic round Clement mirror with brass finish, the circular shape would help break up a room full of right angles. Untitled-2.jpg

Of course, I had to find these cute little birds to add a bit more whimsy and metal.


I’m completely in love with the Adelaide line of tables. Completly! It was the mix of wood and brass that got my attention, but then, I noticed the whimsical print. Love!  I’ve shown the 51″ coffee table in my mood board, but it’s the console that I covet most. It would look SO great in my dining room!!

Then there came in the blue! Everyone loves my blue living room color, while I’m leaning toward painting the room white, I don’t want to give up blue. So, I went in search of blue accents for my dream Arhaus living room!

Young House Love suggests that you start with big ticket items like a rug when you start to think about textiles, and I totally agree. Rugs, then fabric, both can be difficult, but there is a lot more fabric options than rugs.

I’ve been drawn to the white and black shag rugs that are trending now, but I know us and I just don’t think that would last long. When I saw the weathered and faded Hestia Blue Medallion rug I fell hard. This type of rug is a total departure for us, it’s not MCM or a solid color. I like the juxtaposition of the styles and the idea of having a punch of color on the floor.

Speaking of punches of color, PILLOWS!! Arhaus has some fantastic batik pillows in blue. The Batik Cloud pillow is my favorite!


I love a good lumbar pillow for arm chairs, and these sheepskin pillows look dreamy. again, I love to mix things up, tailored chair and ridiculously fluffy pillow.


I’m crushing on this Parkham table lamp! I can totally imagine how the light coming in from my two large windows would filter through the blue glass. So pretty!


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