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CAMP declutter – medicine cabinet


One of the things that make me crazy is that there are multiples of in different parts of the house. Seriously, we had medicines in 6 places throughout the house.

To get started, I collected all the meds from all their hiding places. The linen closet, the glasses cabinet, the pantry, the extra bathroom cabinet, and the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. All the bottles on the tray were able to be rinsed out and recycled. That felt so good!


I was lucky that the hubby bought this adjustable Spicy Shelf a few months ago. I would not have thought to look for such a thing. I must admit, I was skeptical. I didn’t see how it was going to shrink to fit, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted my shelves to be reordered. I’ve been happy with it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think to purge any of the things that were out-of-date or no longer needed. Don lives in we need more space mentality. I believe that we don’t need more space, we just need to get rid of things that we don’t need and then we will have more space. Marriage!


Once the cabinet was empty, I measured the shelves and ordered a few things from Amazon and got to painting. This is the best thing I did for this challenge.  Now that I’ve done one, I’m going to keep painting the inside of one cabinet each week. I’m going to paint the rest of the kitchen over spring break. Begone, 90’s wood, hello white!

I bought a shallow tray to slid in and out of the shallow second shelf, right now this holds pet meds. I’m sure that this shelf will change soon, I’d like to exchange the tray with two trays and fill them with items that get more use.

I found these great acrylic boxes that fit in the upper cabinets perfectly. It turns out that I can get 3 on each shelf! I need to buy another one, then I can get all the cold and flu meds on one shelf. For now, the mason jars on the top shelf will do.


The bottom shelf is lined with a scrap of oilcloth and has the smallest lazy Susan I could find. I had to give up my quest for this cabinet to only have meds in it. I’ve kept my cooking oils in this spot for 16 years, I couldn’t move them now.

I did improve the area by replacing the giant bottles of veg and olive oils with smaller decanters. I bought the bottle on the right at Target, it came with the pour spout. I repurposed a fancy soda bottle for the olive oil and topped it with a liquor pour from my junk drawer.


I also collected first aid items and made room for them in the medicine cabinet. I know have, easy to reach, Band-aid jars. I filled 2 wide mouth jars with Band-aids, medical tape, and antibiotic cream. Why two? Because I had so many random boxes of Band-aids and tubes of cream, that I could. I’m sure one of my kids will steal one at some point.

I’ll be conquering my sink cabinet for week 4. I just realized (DUH) that I can put my cleaning supplies under the sink again. I’m long past having young kids, and I am excited to make room in my pantry for food.

For more information about CAMP declutter click over to this post and #CAMPdeclutter on Instagram.


Cost for medicine cabinet makeover: $96.10

  • 4 Jars $7.99
  • oil bottles $5.99
  • 8″ Lazy Susan $11.95
  • 2 acrylic bins $26.44
  • acrylic tray $11.53
  • Spicy Shelf $13.99

On order:

  • tall acrylic bin $13.22
  • 4″ x 4″ acrylic tray $4.99

CAMP declutter running total: $105.09



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