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CAMP declutter – bathroom baskets


For this week’s CAMP declutter challenge I decided to tackle my messy bathroom baskets. Open baskets are terrific for things that you use daily, but they can become cluttered catch-alls that are filled with dust when left unchecked.


I made these pretty basket liners for my sewing book, At Home with Modern June, in 2012. The laminated cotton has held up really well, I love the bright colors and easy to clean surface. I could have just cleaned them and tidied them up like I do every five minutes, but I live with teenagers that just throw any and everything into the wire baskets.

We only have one tiny bathroom in our 90-year-old home so it’s important that it get some attention. I really wanted to hide away as much stuff as possible. I found this great wicker basket at Home Goods for $8 bucks! Score!! I love that it adds some texture to the room.

The most important lesson this week was about storage real estate. Only things that are used daily deserve a high-dollar spot in a room, so when I realized that NOBODY uses the hair dryer and curling irons and more, I moved them to the linen closet in the hallway. Duh!


I have added a pretty dish from my pottery pal Sarah (Turnerbots) to catch my pretty Twist Style necklaces. I told the kids that no one is allowed to go to bed if they left something in the bowl. Wish me luck!  catch-all-bowl-in-bathroom-modern-june

I replaced two optic storage bins with the lined baskets, now I don’t see the all the cleaning supplies that live on the top of the storage cabinet. It’s amazing how good this change makes me feel.

I also added a few handmade items to make the room cozier. I made the doodle-embroidery hoop last year, I think that it’s perfect in here.




Bird by Sarah Hand

I also tidied up the inside of the cabinet. I repurposed some little buckets for my 16-year-olds teenager stuff. I’m hoping that he can just grab the bucket wash and shave (omgosh, he has a beard!) and put it back in the cabinet when he’s done.


When it comes to storage you gotta be clever and diligent when you live in a small house.

For more info about the CAMP declutter challenge check out the #campdeclutter hashtag feed. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, and see what the next prompt is going to be!  Be sure to tag your mini-makeovers with the following hashtags, #cullandmakepretty and #campdeclutter.



  1. Valerie says

    I need to learn how to make basket liners! Yours are so cute!! And I love the special touches you added. ^_^


    • The pattern for the basket liner is a tiny bit tight when you use my pattern in At Home with Modern June add an extra 1/8″ in onto your seam allowances to add a bit more wiggle room. This will help you get the liner to fold over the basket.

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