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CAMP declutter – spice cabinet

Last month I took a close look at my spice cabinet, and I was shocked at how OLD and UGLY everything inside it was. Let’s be honest, this cabinet was totally gross, I’m being very brave by adding the before photos to this post. Eek! I’m pretty sure that painted the yellow all in 2000 when we had our kitchen installed.


I’ve spent the last year working on decluttering my house; I’ve donated, recycled, and trashed over 120 bags from my home and old studio. As I finished emptying out the spice cabinet I started thinking, why after all these months do I still have a place where everything so old and neglected? Why can’t a small space like a spice cabinet become a delightful spot that brings us a little calm and delight?

An hour after emptying out all the jars I raided the recycling bin and took a photo of all the (extremely) outdated spices and baking supplies, because, I had an idea for a weekly decluttering project for us.


My spice cabinet is an old ironing cabinet that is original to our 90-year-old house. Now it’s looking spiffy, with a coat of paint and some vintage contact paper! Best part, I didn’t spend a dime.

My best neighbor gave me a roll of the kitschy kitchen themed contact paper years ago, I’ve been holding onto this until I had a special use for it. It’s so fun! Oh, this cabinet makes me so happy now.


I fought the urge to go out and buy glass jars for my spices, let me tell you, the struggle was real. I’ve used pretty glass jars before, and I found it hard to keep looking nice. Every time I cleaned them the stickers came off. I will be sticking with McCormick spices since the look so good with the print on the paper.

By the way, the oldest item in my cabinet was a box of tea that had a 2006 expiration date. I also had 3 jars of Cream of Tartar that had to be left over from my days of making homemade playdoh when my kids were young. Please note that my kids are 16 and 19. They were so old that there weren’t any readable expiration dates on the jars.


My favorite decor trick is to use something that I have for a new purpose. So, of course, I used a vintage napkin holder to organize my spice packets in my spice cabinet. One of my sweet Country Living Fair friends from My Funky Findings gifted this to me a few years ago, how fun is that?


For more info about the CAMP declutter challenge check out the #campdeclutter hashtag feed. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, and see what the next prompt is going to be!  Be sure to tag your mini-makeovers with the following hashtags, #cullandmakepretty and #campdeclutter.

CAMP declutter running total: $8.99


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