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Modern June Art 2016

I must say 2016 was incredible! I accomplished many things in my professional and personal life, I graduated my eldest from homeschool, I closed Modern June and 50 million other things along the way.

One of my most tangible victories was the 366 days of art challenge that I took on. Now, I didn’t create art every single day of the year, I cut some self some slack (family first) on that front. Even though I didn’t create daily I did end up with more than 366 pieces of paper in my red file box.

I created a series time-lapse videos and put them on my new @ModernJuneArt Instagram feed, you can see them under the hashtag #modernjunesketchbooktimelapse2016

I posted the good, the bad, and the ugly. And by ugly, I mean some sketches/paintings that really needed to chucked into the bin. I figure we learn by our mistakes, and who knows maybe the thought of feeling behind the “fail” will become something someday.

Last spring I took the Make Art That Sells course, Assignment Bootcamp. It was the best thing I did for myself in years!  I really needed something to do for my creative soul, I had just closed Modern June and Oilcloth Addict after 10 long years. I needed a break from sewing, oilcloth, and being a boss. Taking Bootcamp really helped me define how I wanted to spend my year of exploring art for the first time since college.

Here are the projects that I created!









  1. I am a long-time fan/follower and applaud all you do. Please continue with your creative journey and please continue dragging me along as a third-wheel. I adore your attitude and spirit! Let’s go, 2017! Bring on the challenges!

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