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Light up the living room

I’ve been looking for a stylish new floor lamp for the living room since last winter. I want to replace the cheap torchiere floor lamp from a big box hardware store behind my favorite chair. You know the type, it’s functional, but it’s boring! Besides, I’m pushing 50 and I need a good task light, on that will keep me working on my embroidery and crochet projects past sundown.

I’ve found the perfect lamp; it’s the Pappa Bear of our favorite desk lamp. It’s Land of Nod’s Wow, That’s a Big Lamp!


It’s great, isn’t it? The only downside to this lamp is the $299 price tag. With one off to college in 2 months, spending that kind of money just isn’t in the budget.cb-sylvester-adjustable-floor-lamp

I also love this one that I found on the Crate and Barrel website; I like that it looks a little industrial. The Sylvester floor lamp is the priciest of all my dream lights; it’s a cool $399.


CB2 Beam Floor Lamp

I like this Beam Floor Lamp from CB2; it’s so very grown up! The white linen lamp shade gives me pause, fabric lamp shades are high maintenance. I’d rather play than dust! Again, it’s got a grown-up price tag at $249.


West Elm has this smart looking task lamp that has two swivel points to keep you working. I think that this is a little too traditional for my decor. At $199, it’s the most affordable so far.

Well… What is a girl on a thrifty budget to do? Go to Target of course!




Now we are talking! This Cantilever Floor Lamp is mighty fun, love the brass look! It’s certainly an upgrade from what I have and it’s a steal at $40! Plus it’s in stock at my local store.





Then there’s the Crosby Schoolhouse, I’m in love! It’s white, which will pop off the blue walls nicely. It has the brassy goodness going on. Best of all it has a metal shade (easy to dust), and it adjusts in two places. Sweet! Target has marked down to $37, down from $50; the sale covers my shipping costs. Score!

Thanks for shopping with me! LOL! Leave me a note in the comment section and let me know which floor lamp is your favorite?



  1. Laura says

    I’m glad you found a great lamp but have you checked out I’ve bought side tables and other assorted furniture from them and everything has been great. You’ll get sucked down a wormhole of options, though, so tread lightly. 🙂

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