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Photo Credit: Domino Magazine, Orange is the new home!

When Don and I were first married, we went shopping with another couple in Baltimore. We ended up in a middle eastern rug shop, where I received the best advice on interior design that I’ve heard yet. The older gentleman that owned the store heard me say that a kilim rug would match the sofa, he told me not to worry about matching. Instead, I should only buy things for my house that I loved, and it would always work. He locked the shop door (yes, it was a way creepy) and took the four of us upstairs (way scary) to his family home and gave us a tour; he proved his point. Now, I don’t recommend going into strangers homes, but I do believe that we met for a reason. In fact, I took his advice and applied it to every aspect of my life. Keep what you love and leave the rest.

So why do I have a design dilemma? Why am I questioning my Design personality? I guess that it’s because my design style has been entwined with my company Modern June, so now that that is has dissolved, I feel the need to change it all up at home. Modern June and my home were kitschy and colorful. But now, I want to grow up a bit.

All of a sudden I started following a bunch of gals that are all about the #farmhouse style, and I’ve tried that out a bit. Sadly, the deeper I get into it, the less genuine it feels to me.

I love white walls and chickens; I told you all that earlier. I also like to add in a few chippy/peeling windows and shutters into the mix. But I’m seeing that the rest of the Farmhouse look and feel it just a little too country for me. Words like wicker, rustic, beige, and traditional aren’t in my vocabulary. I’m kind of wondering what I was thinking?

viviane-restaurant-at-avalon-hotel-by-kelly-wearstler-beverly-hills-california-1Photo Credit: Kelly Wearster, Viviane Resturant

A while back my friend, Larae, asked me how one finds their design style. I suggested that she make a Pinterest board and make notes about what she liked and what she hated in the photo. A few days later she told me that all her comments were negative. That’s fine too, if you don’t know what you like at least, you can figure out what you don’t like and then go from there.

Side note: That is what I did with Modern June. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my company/life, so I made list after list of what I didn’t enjoy doing anymore. Eventually, the list was whittled down to the bare minimum and realized that I just wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom again. From there I added in the illustration work, watercolor painting, and other hobbies that will most likely turn into Modern June 2.0.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. When I gave Larae this advice, I didn’t realize that I was in a bit of a decor funk; that I needed to re-find my decor style too.


Photo Credit: Sugar and Cloth

It was a conversation that I had with my friend Summer that made me wake up out of my decor fog. I mentioned to Summer that I was trying out new things, and she said that she could tell that from my Instagram feed. She mentioned that my style was a big change. That got to thinking about things in a new way. Did I even want to change up my style? Why was I trying so hard to turn my house into a farmhouse? Where is the fun in going with the flow? Okay, I enjoyed myself, but it wasn’t me.

I took a look back at my IG feed, and I could see that my followers and I liked the colorful photos better. Yep, I love me some color. Still want those white walls so where do I go from here? In my mind white = Farmhouse. True, or false? False!

So when I saw that Apartment Therapy had a new quiz last month, I knew that I was on the right track. I went through the quiz twice; I had multiple answers for several questions, and I wanted to see where the different choices would land me. The first time I was Warm Industrial, yep, my “single self” would love to live like that. It’s always been my dream to have a loft with brick walls since I saw St. Elmos Fire. As a couple, not so much.

The second time I took the quiz I was Artful Bohemium, NOPE that is not me. I think I clicked too many answers that had to do with my desire to have more house plants around. That’s too 80’s and southwest for my taste; it wasn’t my thing then either.

While I was taking this test, I’m texting with Larae, we’re are doing it simultaneously on our computers and phones. There were a lot of “hell no’s” and “maybe’s” being sent back and forth. We do that a lot!


Photo Credit: Emily Henderson, via My Domaine

She sent me a link to another Q&A at That kept coming up Traditional. Hello, have we met before? I’ve never been referred to as Traditional, ever! That would be like saying that I’m a quite person with a soft personality. I took that test over and over again, trying to figure out how it was possible for them to categorized me as such. It was all down to the Rooster. I kept picking rooster for my ideal pet. (Have I mentioned that I really want backyard chickens!) Larae said that the trigger from traditional should be a yellow lab, like the one that is in every Land’s End ad. That’s funny.

After we had solved that mystery, I asked Larae to look at the decor categories on AT. I asked her to pick which on that she WANTED to be, not the one that the quiz said that she was. She went from Traditional to Organic Modern. Interesting.


Photo Credit: Target

I decided that I’ve been Happy Modern, but I find myself drawn to Organic Modern. So, I’m sure that you are wondering why? Why does this lady give two beans about this? The first answer, I’m a homeschool mom with two teenage kids, and I’m bored. LOL!


Photo Credit: West Elm

I’m hoping that this can help me focus on my artwork and my desire to quilt. If I can define my decor aesthetic then maybe I can set my style in these other areas as well. Everyone says do what you love; I attracted to so much. I can’t figure it all out.

So, I took my advice, and I started a new Decor Personality board on Pinterest, and I’ve been writing down what I love and hate about each room. It’s been interesting! Here is my new board, it’s a work in progress as is a home. Please let know if you start a Design Personality board too, I’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments or email me at

Explore your design style here at Apartment Therapy! What is your design style?





  1. Lisa G :-) says

    I got “new traditional” on the Apartment quiz, and “traditional” on the Houzz quiz. Spot on and no surprise for me! I love doing surveys, though…reminds me of study hall in high school! 🙂

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