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WIP Wednesday: Fractal Quilt


I recently started sewing again, and I’ve been in the mood to quilt. Even though I’ve been sewing since I was 12, I’ve only made one quilt. I made a quilt for my book At Home with Modern June. That quilt was a simple quilt that I made with 5″ scrapes, and it was similar to a 1970’s crazy quilt that my Grr (Grandma) gave me when I was just out of college.

Now that I have time to sew for my family I’ve turned to my shelf of sewing books for inspiration. I found myself intrigued with Alexandra Winston’s book Quilt Lab, and her Fractal Quilt pattern kept lingering in my mind. I was able to meet her at a Quilt Market when out C&T Publishing books came out in 201?.


Last Saturday I set out to start two identical quilts one for my son, Aidan, and another for my brother. My brother, Steve, is a mathematics professor, so a fractal quilt seemed like the perfect fit. Once I got into my second day of sewing up the quilt tops, I realized that I wanted to keep the second quilt top for a pillow for Aidan. Steve will get something else for his birthday this year, and it will be “mathy” and cool!

I started off going through my scraps, rounding up red, green, gray and aqua fabrics. The rule was no gingham, or flowers. I also tried to stay away from dot’s, but that didn’t work out for me.


I won’t lie to you; I am a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal. When it comes to the initial design of the quilts color scheme, I didn’t think too far ahead. I liked the colors that the author used in the center of the sample, so I followed her lead. I just made on simple change and switched black with gray, doing so lessened the contrast, making the fractal shapes more subtle.

The center of the quilt starts with these teeny tiny squares of red fabrics that are only 1 1/4″; they are cute, but they are so hard to sew!


Here is a little secret sitting down in my sewing chair and chain stitching a stack of fabric is probably in my top 15 things to do in life. It’s my type of meditation. I just put on some music and sew, sew, sew!

Look at all of those little seams!


Adding in gray into the mix. This quilt is all about making pairs and then four-pactch blocks.


I’m love it!


At this point, I see that I want to turn the second quilt top into a pillow. It’s a wee bit wonky, but it’s mine!

It was fun to work with the teen-tiny blocks, but I liked working with the larger squares best. Everything went a lot faster, cutting, sewing, and ironing. The aqua squares were a pleasant 10 1/2″.

We all have a ton of WIP’s, tell me, what are you working on this week?

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