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My Fall Porch

I’ve been decorating this front porch for 18 years now; I love this porch. It means the world to me; it’s home. On these steps, I’ve built friendships and watched kids grow.


Alright, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s talk decor style! For so long I’ve been planting red flowers into terracotta pots, I feel like I’ve become that woman that has the same hair style since the 80’s. It’s time for a design style change.

So, I saw this photo of Saw, Nail, and Paint’s front porch on Instagram, and I was inspired to do something different. Please go over and see Susan’s front porch makeover on her blog! I loved all the galvanized pots and white pumpkins. So, I went for it, except for the pink. I’m not ready to embrace the pink trend, not after being all about the color red for so long.


I started the way I always do, by digging through my stuff. I grabbed my old watering can from the backyard, and I rounded up all my galvanized buckets. In my previous life, I used them to organzine the old Modern June HQ. I didn’t punch a hole in the bottom for drainage; I wasn’t sure if I like the look and I didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of buckets with holes. Sadly, after two weeks of rain, I regret my caution.  Lesson learned, I love the look and will be drilling some holes in the buckets ASAP.


Since I didn’t have a lot of galvanized pots, I mixed in my vintage enamelware. I didn’t bother to pot the Mums into the planter, this way I can switch them out with a new Mum plant once these fade.


Once I was at the Azalea Garden Center, I was drawn to the purple cabbages. What? Who am I? I don’t like these, do I? Aren’t they old lady plants? I kept wandering back to them, and before I knew it, my little red wagon was filled with an assortment of plants in purples and greens. There wasn’t a red flower to be found. Honestly, I don’t even recognize myself. LOL!

Texture and contrast!! Love-love-love!!


Why didn’t like these till now?


A few weeks ago we had a yard sale, and I unearthed a little midcentury coffee table that my MIL gave us years and years ago. I like when I find forgotten treasures in my attic. Needless to say, I didn’t sell it. Don’t you think that it’s pretty perfect out here? I need to protect the base from the rain that creeps in from time to time; I don’t want it to get damaged.


I started sewing up some pillows last month; I like how this one looks outside with all the oilcloth. The patchwork pillow helps tie in some fall colors into a very summery print. I need to make a new seat cushion covers for my chippy and perfectly rusty settee. I just can’t decide on the fabric. I made this set in 2011 for my first book; the oilcloth is still in strong, just a little faded. You can find the pattern for the settee and the pillows in, Sewing with Oilcloth.

Every year I cut hydrangeas from my yard, in July they are white. But I love how they fade from white to green with touches of rust on the hydrangea bush. In a week or two, these cut flowers will look like brown paper flowers. Pretty, pretty!


My trusty sidekick, Ozzy, is ready for his close-up. Isn’t he fluffy and cute? Just don’t try to pet him, sadly, he’s just for looking.


I pulled out one of the small motel chairs that I bought for my kids when they were toddlers to use as a plant stand and side table. This idea was another Instagram inspiration moment via A Happy Retiree.




I just love pansies; I had little pots of them on the tables at our wedding. They always make me smile.


I mixed in some lettuce and pumpkins in a big pot; maybe the bunnies won’t find it on the front porch.


I found this old metal cabinet in our alley years ago, I recently moved it up onto the porch, and lined it with oilcloth. It’s a perfect place to keep a set of garden tools, no more walking into the backyard for this and that. Best of all, it gives me one more spot to decorate, with a rusty rake that we found in our shed when we moved it and a pitcher filled with dried grass that I cut from the side of the road. Yes, I keep a pair of pruning shears in my glove box, you never know where you will find a free bouquet.

Now that I showed this off, I can get on to decorating my porch for Halloween!!

Happy October,




  1. I just want you to know how much I missed seeing you at the Country Living Fair this year!
    You are a creative star with your fabrics and ideas!


    • Hi,

      I am sorry that I missed your comment. Thanks so much for the love, I missed coming to the shows, just not the prep to sell there. LOL!



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