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Collecting Chickens

It’s not a very extensive collection as collections go, but it’s one of my favorites. As I mentioned in my last post, Chicken Obsessed, I love me some chickens! I’ve recently looked everywhere for more.

Today I thought that I show off my little chicks and roosters!


This gal is my all time favorite. I had seen it at one of my favorite antique shops in the Lakeside neighborhood of Richmond, VA. It was during my hubbies layoff, and I had no business buying anything that wasn’t food at the time. But, come on! I needed a little joy too, so I went back and bought her up.


When I started hunting for my chickens, I found most of them on the little red shelves that hang above the counter that divides my kitchen and dining room.


There you will find this beautiful art card from JBS Mercantile; Jenni has them in stock in her Etsy shop in case you need one too!

My First Chicken

Of course, I have a nesting milk glass hen. I’m pretty sure that I this was my first chicken and one of first milk glass pieces. Correction, I got this from my good friend Kerri, for Christmas a few years ago.


As with most of my worldly possessions, things need to be pretty and practical. My hen keeps my caucasian flesh color watercolor safe for me.


I love the Avon cologne bottle; you know that it still has all of its contents in it. I’m afraid to open it. LOL!

Can we talk about Avon for a minute? My favorite person in the whole world was an Avon (and Tupperware) Lady! My Grr (grandma) used to let me sort and bag her Avon orders on the kitchen table when I was a kid. I miss you Grr!!


These two fellas are new to me, I bought them at a great shop in Mechanicsville, Maryland called The Apple Basket. This place goes on and on; it’s worth stopping in if you are in the area. They are funky little roosters, but I had to have them. Chippy, peeling and weird.


I also have a little collection of kitchen timers that are too grimy to show you. I prefer to display them on the back of the stove. I try to keep them nice, but they just don’t come clean. Got a tip for me? I need one.

So tell me, what do you collect?

Happy hunting,




  1. I LOVE all the colors you have in your displays. My teenage daughter collects chickens too. It started with several vintage nesting chickens from my MIL! As for me, I don’t know that I collect anything in particular right now. I’m drawn to colors. Blues, reds, polka dots … I just picked up the sweetest blue coffee pot from the 50s at an antique store.


  2. I love your collection and all these great photos! I actually don’t collect anything but lately I’ve been wanting to start. Maybe something will speak to me at Brimfield!


  3. Linda Evans says

    Love everything you do….as far as cleaning the timer, try Murphys Oil Soap


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