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Chicken Obsessed!

Who knows where obsessions, I mean collections, start? I’m pretty sure that my chicken collection began with a milk glass piece, you know the one, it’s a nesting chicken. All I know is that I collect vintage chicken figurines, and I want more. My thing for chickens doesn’t stop at collecting. I go to places like Homegoods, and I look through the displays, and I want my chickens to be on the wall art, apron fabrics and figurines.

Over the last year and a half I’ve been working on art, I hadn’t picked up an art brush in about 25 years, so I started at the beginning. When I decided to shut down production at Modern June, I needed to find something to help me through the transition, depression, and worry. I didn’t want to sew, in fact, I just started sewing again this month. Modern June Art became my art therapy. (There’s more on the shut down here and here.)



Folk Art Rooster in Colored Pencil by Kelly McCants

I started out with colored pencils and an ink pen. I guess I was creating my own coloring book pages, and everything had a folk art feel to it. I just love this guy; the original piece has some great Russian folk art flowers as well. I can’t believe that I created this in February 2015. Has it been that long?



Once I was a little more comfortable with the drawing process, I started painting with acrylics. I’m amused that the first paintings that I shared on Instagram were of chickens.


This guy was adapted from art found on a vintage tea towel. As you can see, I’m very influenced by mid-century art styles. Going through my collections of tea towels and feed sack fabrics has helped me find my art style. I should say it’s helping me to find my style; I am sure that there is something more defined in my art that will develop with time.

This month I made a personal commitment to creating a fabric line for my new portfolio. Again, I haven’t built a portfolio in over 25 years. It’s interesting that I’m going back to my college days to figure out the middle age me. (Darn, I am so pushing 50!!!) Anyway, I realized that I hadn’t drawn a chicken in a while What? Why? Now I’m back to sketching my beloved Roosters…


and Junie Cluck Clucks!


Junie Cluck Clucks by Kelly McCants



Watercolor Rooster by Kelly McCants

If I lived on a farm, this guy would be the one that woke us up every day! He’s a Cocky little fella, isn’t he? I’d love him and his cock-a-doodle-do.

Be sure to follow my new Instagram account @ModernJuneArt! Where I’m starting to post my 366 Days of Art project that I began back on January 1, 2016. For more Modern June Art check out my hashtags #modernjunesketchbook#modernjunesketchbook and #modernjuneart

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