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Use What You Have: August Flowers

My number one rule is that it’s best to use what you have. Sure, shopping is fun and who doesn’t love new tools, but it can be fun to make do with what it on hand. This is easy for me to do in early August, when my hydrangea’s are in full bloom. Heck, I gotta enjoy them before the 95 degree days fry them up.


I am obsessed with Instagram, it’s my one true Social Media love. I found #BloomingDecorMondays a few weeks ago and I love it all. This week I was inspired by The Tattered Pew’s big wicker tote of prettiness.


This morning I went out and picked 4 blooms, they are massive, so I didn’t need to clip too many. Seriously, most of them are bigger than my head. This bush was here when I bought the house 18 years ago, aren’t they lovely? I chopped the bush down to the core branches in early spring, I am shocked that I got blooms this year.


I also picked some of the Acuba and Nandina to use as filler.


I knew that I wanted to use one of my enamel pots so I topped off an Azalea to use as a flower frog, the sturdy branches keep the heavy blooms from tipping out of the wide opening. Talk about using what you have, right?


I think my favorite part of this is the Nandina, I love how the new leaves are a brighter green then the old growth. Pretty, pretty!

Stay thrifty and cool out there my friends,

Kelly, @TheModernJune

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