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Free Download: Camper Coloring Page

Happy-Camper-Coloring-Page-by-Modern-JuneHere is the 2nd free download for my little Modern June Anniversary Celebration. I’m sorry to be a little behind this week, it’s the end of the homeschool year and we’ve been busy testing and such.

Download: Happy Camper Coloring Page by Modern June


It’s all sunshine for my red Happy Camper!

It has been 10 great years for Modern June and I want to give you a little something! Please download my little Happy Camper coloring page and follow my journey as I set out to create Modern June Art, and move my tiny company into the next decade.  Once you have colored your little campy heart out, share your masterpiece with me on Instagram. Use #happycampercolor.

Mac's Coloring Pages

Mac’s Happy Campers!

See more of my journey into illustration and art on Instagram, #ModernJuneSketchbook. I’ve really had a fun time learning and creating. I can’t wait to open up a Society 6 and Spoonflower shop soon.

Aidan’s Happy Camper!

Happy coloring!



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