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Change is good!

It’s time to mix this up, so here’s the big news! I’m going to close my Oilcloth Addict shop in the new year (coupon code endofyear35 saves you 35% at OCA only). Why? There are several happy reasons. The main reason is that the lease on my studio is up in February and I’m really ready for a change.


I’m moving my professional sewing equipment to a new maker space that is opening in late Winter/early Spring, and I’m totally excited about this!!  All the cutting tables and sewing machines will be there for (me and) the members to use. I don’t want to sell it all off, ‘cause you never know when you might need such things. In the meantime, they’ll have a good home!

Giving up 120 bolts of fabric to sell-and-store will give me the chance to grow Modern June in new and different ways.


There will also be changes in the Modern June product line: I’ll be shifting from production to pattern making. Those of you that know me well, already know that I targeted this for last year. But you know that saying that about best laid plans? Yep, it’s all true. I got a little sidetracked when my hubby took a golden parachute from his last job, and was home taking care of homeschooled kids for 10 months. While I am truly blessed to have a product line to fall back on when times are tough, I’m really excited to move forward.


The best reason for these changes, is that I get to be a homeschool mom again. I have a senior to get off to college and a sophomore to teach. I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things again. I’ve missed their grumpy faces when it’s time to get some school work done. : )

And patterns! Ooo… I’m really excited about this. I’ve been wanting to develop a PDF pattern line for about 4 years now and 2016 is finally going to be my year to grow and change. I can’t wait.


But wait, there’s more: I also have a long list of DIY projects lined up, like getting that darn camper done, and painting my dining room and kitchen cabinets white. Oh! It’s all I can do to not start it all today.

Modern June will go on vacation this Tuesday and will open back up in early January to sell all my in-stock items. Sorry, there will be no more custom orders.

Mood-Board-DIY-project-from-At-Home-with-Modern-JuneOilcloth Addict will remain open through the holiday season. All oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth is 35% off right now. I sold 156 yards of fabric since I posted the sale in my newsletter on Monday, so shop now, while supplies last. Use coupon code endofyear35 at OCA only.

This is all so big and real, that I have been afraid to say it out loud. Now that I have, I’m excited and not so scared.

What is on your 2016 to do list?

All images were taken by Meghan McSweeney for my 2nd sewing pattern book At Home with Modern June.


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