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Sew Junie: Window Removal


Next up… Windows! As you can see below, the windows were the cause of most of my water woes. The butyl tape that created a waterproof seal in between the window and it’s frame was shot, and over the last 44 years the leaking just ate away at the framing and paneling.

inside window

I have to admit I was terrified to remove the windows from the camper. There I said it, it seemed like a job for a professional. Motivated by my lack of funds, and the need to work on the framing, I took to the internet to learn all I could learn about removing and repairing windows in vintage campers. So one morning I grabbed my trusty drill, outfitted it with a hex socket drill bit and went to work.

In the end I was worried about nothing, it was a fun and easy project!


Once the back window was out I went to work on the framing, and then moved up to the front window. Sadly, I don’t have any great photos of the back window, so let’s check out the front window instead.

As you can see it was all pretty gunky. (technical term). I’ll come back to the gunk removal later, next up… Framing!


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