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Sew Junie: Flooring Fix

Here’s another instillation of the #sewjunie camper series. Want to start reading all about my camper reno from the beginning? Click here!

Floor to be patched

Today I’m going to show you all about how Mr. Modern June and I fixed the laminated flooring in the camper. To have more space for my sewing set-up, I removed the two closets against the far wall, and I ended up with a bit of floor space to patch up.

Laminated Flooring

I knew that the previous owner had put in a floating laminated flooring that came from a big box home improvement store, so I took a few photos of the floor and went shopping. Thankfully I found the right flooring and I bought a single box. It seemed silly to have to buy a whole box, but I was thankful after I miss cut a plank or two!!

cut outs

I started by removing the pieces that had been notched to fit around the closets.

don the ripper of flooring

Sadly, I wasn’t able to just slide in a full panel along the bench seating like I had hoped, as the bench was “out of square.” I tried to cut the flooring boards a few times with a circular saw, but I am just too impatient and sloppy for that tool, so  I had the hubby to finish up that part of the project. He’s so much more precise than I am. Give me a chop saw and let me get down and dirty, I’ll save the nit-picky projects for him.

cirular saw

In the end he clamped the old board to the new one and used it as a template. I need to learn to ask for help more often, he was done in 5 minutes and I has struggled for 3o minutes and ended up wasting 2 boards. (Humph!)


In order to shorten the boards, I used a pencil and the factory edge of another board to draw a line on the laminate flooring panel. Be sure to cut from the top to keep the pretty side of the flooring from splintering.


Always use the little safety clamp!



The laminate flooring plank was too wide to cut through with one cut, so make your first cut and then flip it around and cut the rest. Before cutting, bring the blade down (without having it running) and make sure that the blade is lined up accurately. Doing so will keep you from having jaggedly cut boards.


Laminate flooring in a vintage camper

Once we had all the boards cut, all we had to do was click them all into place, tap them down with a rubber mallet, and the job was done!

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  1. I’m amazed at how much you’ve gotten done! I can’t wait to see it at country living fair! I’m otherwise known in IG land as Grammy117 😊. Looking forward to talking in person ☺️


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