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Sew Junie: Demo and Damage

Last week I showed you the camper before I really started getting down with the demolition, and this week I’m going to show you what I took out!

Demo 1

Before I really started taking down the plywood and insulation, I chose to take out the bunk bed that hung above the window, this way I could see how much water damage and rot there was around the leaky window. Once I got that heavy thing out of the way, I was really happy with the results as it really gives you more head room and it feels less claustrophobic! “Win” on space, “boo” on water damage!

demo pic 2 sew Junie

I’m not going to sugar coat this, this part of the job is gross. The rotten plywood is a splintery mess and fiberglass insulation is the pits!!

The rotten wood framing was just heart breaking.

demo 3 top of back window

The rot on the top of the window is from the leaky running lights that run across the top of the camper’s back. See all the dirt on the left of the photo? That’s from the lights too. I’ll show you how to fix that later.

demo 4 nailed it NOT

The wood framing that was supporting the window came apart in my hands.

demo 5 corner J trim issue

The corner of the camper was rotten as well. It was this corner that made me feel like I was starting to get out of my depth!

Demo 6 hole floor

I’m pretty sure that you aren’t supposed to be able to put your hand through the floor.

demo 7 hole

After I got this dose of reality, I started to have some fun!! If I was going to have to do this much work, I was going to go big, so I took out the closets. This was truly satisfying. I haven’t been this happy since I took down the plaster wall between the kitchen and my dining room 11 years ago.

Demo 9 Closetsdemo 8 closetsdemo 10 closet 1 gone

So… Once I got the closets out, I decided that the counter had to go, and that’s when it got really depressing!!!

Demo 11 the bad stuff

Oh my… look at what was under the pretty new paneling? Serious. Freaking. Rot.

demo 12 bad news

It was at this point that I shut the camper door, and didn’t go back inside for 3 solid weeks! Yep, it was dead to me for awhile.

Then I had this great idea, let me fix the camper up in time for the September Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio! Oh yeah, that got me motivated, and out-of-my-mind busy.

Time for Demo Round 2!

demo 13 dripping wet wood

When I started working on the camper again, I was determined to get it water tight and cleared of all rot. As you can see here, once I removed the paneling from the front of the camper I was greeted with dripping, wet wood. Not a good thing…

demo 15 front window damage

In the end there wasn’t even much wood left. Most of the wood came off with the paneling, or was just splinters and dust stuck in the insulation.

demo 16 scrapes of wood and glue

This cracked me up! It’s a rats nest of repair work that was tucked in behind a cut-out piece of paneling. It’s just bits of glue and scraps of wood. Kids, don’t try this at home!!

demo 17 vent

The previous owner had put up paneling on the ceiling as well as the front wall. I was really afraid of what I would find under there. Yep, more water damage, rotten wood and saggy ceiling.

demo 18 roof vent close up

The vent wasn’t even attached to the framing in two places and the nails had rusted away.

After another full day of demo, I was left with a blank slate, a sad heart and a need for a plan!

demo 20 closet corner empty demo 20 front of camper demoed

Next up, the plan gets a super sponsor!


  1. Goodnes, you have really taken on a Job! (I guess that can be read “job” as a big pile of work, or “job” as that guy in the Bible with all the troubles!) I admire your pluck and can see why you would have a heavy heart. You are basically going to build a camper from scratch! Really looking forward to seeing your progress and the end result. I can’t believe the work you have already done, and the work to come. You GO, Junie! Keep showing us the pictures and progress. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Oh, yeah, yeah — I almost forgot! That crazy rats nest repair cracked me up, too! Hubby calls that “Disney Construction” — a job that’s been Mickey Moused!


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