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Sew Junie: The Calm Before the Storm

Several weeks after buying the camper, my daughter and I became very fond of hanging out in my little Junie! She even started sneaking in when I was working at MJHQ. We were constantly hanging out in the camper painting, drawing, and the occasional nap! Every few days I’d add a few more arts and crafts supplies to our stash in the camper–it was quickly becoming our little get-away!

art counter

Eventually I knew that I would need to remove the cute bucket sink mounted in the counter so I could get my sewing machine up and running. It was early July, and it was raining, and raining, and raining, and it took time to find a semi-dry day.

sink out sewing machine in

After several days of near-horizontal rain, I finally got out to the camper and removed the sink and the lower shelf so I could sit at the counter and sew. I had planned to fill the big hole in the stone counter in some clever way, I just needed a wee bit of a nap to figure out how.

Close up corner

So I tucked myself back into the cozy cushions and I noticed that some of the pillows were wet. OK… I laid there trying to ignore my panic and get on with my nap. Unable to get any rest, I started poking at the mushy wall and paneling, and the window framing came right off at the slightest touch.

So I grabbed my computer and started researching leaking campers, and it started to rain again. Great! After the storm passed I just had to start poking around to see how bad things were.

Poking around the wet wall

By dinner I had ripped out the damp paneling with my bare hands and had a stiff drink!

Tomorrow: Demo Day and cocktails!

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