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Introducing Sew Junie!!

I’ve officially owned my little camper — a 1971 Shasta Compact — for a couple of months now. Many of my IG friends want to know more about the camper, as the project has gone from a few cosmetic improvements to a full project thanks to water damage and a rotted out frame. Now it’s officially time to start a DIY series about my little camper’s journey!


Here’s what I know about the camper so far… Originally she was owned by Fred and Carol and then was initially passed down to their son, and then over to their daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer and I have been chatting about the camper on Facebook, and she’s told me that it has been all over the US. It’s traveled to California, down to Florida and up and into Canada. Isn’t it great to know all of that? As their families have grown the whole family has moved on to bigger RV’s and they are all still camping!

I love knowing the camper’s history, and to know that it’s filled with memories. I plan to continue loading it up with good times too.


I bought the camper from a fellow blogger, Denise Sabria from The Painted Home. Denise bought it Labor Day weekend 2014 after finding it on Craiglist. She quickly turned the camper into a mom cave to exhibit at the Philly Home Show in January 2015.

Denise and I had met on Instagram and at then at the Rhinebeck Country Living Fair in 2014 and became internet buddies. When it came to looking for someone to do the soft home goods for the her camper reno she came to me and asked if Modern June would be a sponsor. In the end, I spent a few weeks in early January making oilcloth seat cushions (pattern in Sewing with Oilcloth), party banners and a mountain’s worth of pillow covers for the camper’s big reveal at the home show.

Denise and her contractor removed the old kitchen from the front of the camper and put in a stone counter top on a base of reclaimed pallets. Set into the counter she cleverly inserted a galvanized bucket and nice goose-neck faucet. They also hung some beadboard paneling and painted all the old paneling white. The laminate floor that they laid matches the reclaimed pallet wood so well that I keep thinking that the floor boards are splintering!

Denise used the camper as a mobile crafty workshop for shows, and the Crafty Camper was featured on Check out more of photos of the #craftycamper on!

Shasta Logo

After years of enjoying the campers at the Coutnry Living Fairs, I knew that I had to get one. I spent all last summer and fall looking for a camper, but they were all to far gone or too far away for me to buy. In April heard that Denise was looking for a buyer for her Crafty Camper and I became very excited, after all, I had already invested a lot of time and money into the cutie already. So I started making Modern June goods again, and I began making payments on my little camper. It only took me a couple of weeks before she was all mine!!

Sooo… What’s next for this teeny little camper? From family camper, to Crafty Camper to Sew Junie! My little Junie camper is going to be parked in our backyard most of the time and it’ll be a creative retreat. I’m thinking art studio, sewing room and home office! Honestly, I didn’t think anyone in my family would even go into it, they hate the outdoors, besides it’s too far away from the wi-fi and there isn’t a TV or game console. I felt safe that it would be all mine!!

HA!! While working at the studio I got a text from my daughter (age 17) with a photo of her drawing the afternoon away, IN MY CAMPER!! Oh well, I tried. All kidding aside, I love that we had 3 wonderful weeks blissfully crafting the days away in the camper. Then the rain and Camp Junie became a soggy mess!! After a little poking around I realized that the back wall of the camper was soaking wet and it was time to get to work!!

Stick around and follow my camper renovation this summer. I need Junie ready for the Country Living Fair on September 18-20, 2015, so things need move pretty quickly.

Next up… creating more room through demo and a few unpleasant surprises.


  1. Love the history… It is totally my someday plan to have my own little camper so I will watch the transformation with awe and wonderment with a touch of wistfulness.


  2. Patti butchwell says

    Can’t wait to see Camp Junie at columbus clfair! I’m sure you will have it all “juniefied”! 😊


  3. Sunny Segura says

    I love it and now I want one! I can’t wait to see what wonders you will do! Please hurry! Lol 😝


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  8. Jennette Layng says

    Hello, I purchased your book Sewing with Oilcloth a few years ago and am just getting around to making some bins as Christmas gifts. I do have a question; I didn’t see anywhere in the book that you talked about or suggested a needle size. I am using a 90 needle, what would you suggest. Thank you and great book, really well written.


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