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Umbrella-Ready Oilcloth Tablecloth Pattern

Spring is in full bloom and it’s time to head outside for dinner! My Umbrella-Ready Tablecloth pattern will help you make a summers worth of memories at your old outdoor table.

The instructions found in my book,  At Home with Modern June, will walk you through how to make your own pattern that is customized for your table.


I have all the supplies you need at to get you stitching; oilcloth, hook and loop tape, bias tape and a copy of At Home with Modern June is all you need to get started! Need help with yardage? Email me with the size of your table and I’ll help you with the figure all that out!


The hook and loop tape (Velcro) closure makes it easy to switch out your tablecloths to suit the occasion!

Some of you know that I sell oilcloth and laminated cotton, two fabrics can often be used for the same type of projects. (Read more about the two types of fabric here!) But this is one of those times when oilcloth is the better choice and I designed this pattern specifically for oilcloth.

I found it very difficult to sew in the hook and loop tape nicely, even when I used a fancy pressure foot on my sewing machine. Laminated cotton is very soft and it drapes well, usually that’s why we love it so much! But in this case the soft nature of the fabric makes it hard to top stitch in the hook and look tape without it rippling something awful. Plus, laminated cotton doesn’t hold up well outside, when left out for extended periods of time the LC will fade and crack. I suggest that you stick with oilcloth on this one.

Fire up the grill it’s almost summertime!


Photo Credit: Meghan McSweeney

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