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Q and A: Shelf Liners!

Q: I am interested in making shelf liners and am unsure which of your oilcloth fabrics would be the right one to use.

Could you please advise regarding this and whether you can sew the liners too?

A: Using oilcloth for shelf liners is great! Now you will want to avoid using the laminated cotton that we carry, it’s too soft and thin. It would move around too much.  (411 on the two types of fabric)

I’ve had the same liner in my sink cabinet for ages. The other day our disposal went of the fritz and I had to clear the contents from the cabinet, I gave the oilcloth a good wipe down and it’s a pretty as it was 3 years ago. I was really thankful that all that gunk wasn’t on the wood.
You can sew oilcloth liners, but you probably won’t need to. Oilcloth doesn’t fray or ravel, so you can just cut it to size and lay it into your cabinet. Now you could sew up some pretty scalloped liners like I did for my linen closet. You can see the tutorial at Sew Mama Sew!

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